17 Weeks and So Stinkin’ Thankful

Yesterday I had a doctors appointment – just the usual one to check on baby and make sure everything is going fine. I’m very gracious to say that all is looking well with our sweet baby. For some reason hearing its little heartbeat this time around was extra special and so exciting for me. It was such a peaceful and exhilarating feeling.


I just feel so thankful right now. I’m grateful for a great husband who supports me and loves me endlessly – he means more to me than he’ll ever know. I’m thankful for my little boys who are the epitome of joy. They inspire me to be better, they are kind and friendly and they make me so proud of them. Then there is my sweet baby who I can’t wait to meet in several more months. I’m just very lucky. Very thankful. Very blessed.

Becoming a Bookie

Bookie? Is that a word? Is that something people who read call themselves? Clearly I’m new at this. Don’t judge me too much for that word.

Anyway. I set a goal to read a minimum of ten books in the year 2020. Ten is not a lot. Thats not even a book a month. But thats quite the daunting task for me. But I think its also doable for me. Last year I set a goal to read three books and I only finished two – though I think I started at least 70,000. I just really, really want to be a reader and I feel a little more determined this year. I hope it lasts. No, it will last!

Really I’m hoping that if I post about it, I’ll feel a little extra motivation to accomplish this goal.

I’ve heard lots of times from lots of people that if you want to be a reader, you have to make time to read. Schedule it out. Commit to yourself. I’ve done that and have read/listened to a book every day! I’m excited and I’m proud of myself and anxious to see what all I’ll be reading this year! Currently I’m reading The Crypt Thief and its getting a solid ‘ok’ from me so far.

NOW. If you have any suggestions, tips or support for me as I embark on this journey – please feel free to shoot them my way. I’d be incredibly appreciative. I’d also love book recommendations! I’m typically most into the murder-y type books, but I’m also more open minded to other genres!

Thanks in advance! You’re all wonderful.


For the last few months I’ve been trying to settle on a word for myself for 2020. I’ve gone back and forth with a few, but ultimately kept coming back to the same one. Its one I’ve seen used a lot from other friends and people I see on instagram on blogs. Truthfully, it was one I never felt drawn to…until now.

My word for 2020 is:

  • I want my home to be a place of refuge for my family. I want it to be a place that is clean and inviting and comfortable. I want it to be a happy place where you feel good and peaceful and at ease.
  • I want my home to be a place I enjoy being. Something I noticed from 2019 is that I looked for a lot of excuses to go places. This year I want to love my home more and love being there more.
  • I want my home to be filled with the spirit. I want to make sure the gospel is taught often and discussed frequently within these walls. I want it to feel peaceful and calm and be a place where the spirit can easily be felt.
  • I want my home to be a place with delicious food. I want to focus more on my families nutrition this year and I know that takes place in the home.
  • I want my home to be simple, beautiful and to feel good. I want the decorations to be meaningful. I want to be de-cluttered and not just buy things to buy them. I want it to feel stress-free and inviting.
  • I want my home to be crystal clear evidence that we have happy children living inside of it. I learned a while ago to let go of the expectation of having a pristinely cleaned home every day. I’m choosing to embrace the toys, the mess and the spills. I’ve heard before a messy house is a sign of happy kids. I want to remind myself of that more often.
  • I want my home to be my families happy sanctuary.

I’m truly so excited to really focus on my home this year. I’m excited to make it everything I want it to be and I’m especially looking forward to making it a place that feels so great to my family and I.

What is your word for 2020??!

Wishing You a Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy 2020!

I am typing this post on my brand new laptop that Craig totally surprised me with on Christmas morning! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful holiday season – I know we sure did. I’m sad to see it end, I’m sad to see our tree come down and I’m sad to stop having such a great excuse to eat all the junk food I want to (haha), but I’m also really excited to start a brand new year!

2019 was a good year. Was it my favorite year? No it wasn’t. There were a lot of bumps in the road, some trials and struggles and I didn’t uphold myself on goals and project like I wanted to, but we still had a really wonderful year. We had several magical Disney trips, for the first time in a long time I genuinely loved summer, and we learned we are expecting our third child! I’m not particularly sad to see the year go, but I’m very excited to be welcoming a brand new year, that’s for sure.

I feel really optimistic about 2020 for some reason. Theres something about it that just sounds so fresh and exciting and I can’t wait to really work on myself this year while still striving to be the best wife and mother I can be. I’m most excited for the middle of the year when I’ll have our next baby! The idea of Emmett becoming a big brother and seeing Harrison take on that roll for a second time is almost too much for me to handle. I. can’t. wait.

I’ve made a few goals for myself that I’ll hopefully do a post on soon – mostly pertaining to my spiritual self and how I can be a better daughter of God and how I can grow in faith and really immerse myself in the Come Follow Me program. I’ve picked a word, a quote, a few spiritual goals, a few physical goals and a few fun/me-time/recreational goals that I’m really eager to get started on! I don’t know the last time I’ve felt so energized and ready for a brand new start to a year.

I hope you all have a wonderful 2020. I hope its full of self-acceptance, love, fun, adventures and plenty of days spent in comfy clothes with delicious food.

First Pregnancy Update!

I’ve been really excited to start these baby updates! I don’t know why, but keeping this pregnancy a secret for those first several weeks, was particularly tough for me this time around! I mean, first of all, my bump made its debut so fast, and I’ve just been so eager to share the news!! I know a lot of people were suspicious, so it was also a relief to finally tell people they weren’t crazy and I wasn’t getting chubby – its a baby!

Much like with the boys, I’ve felt pretty miserable. Lots of throw up and so much body pain, especially in my pelvic area, upper thighs and lower back. Oh, and my c-section scar has been hurting a lot too as it stretches – thats something new.

I have been graving sweet/sugary things. Candy and fruit are my current cup of tea and some of few things I can keep down. I also have gone through phases of craving chocolate milk, hot chocolate, greasy fast food and mashed potatoes.

I have lots of aversions. Sometimes I feel like absolutely everything sounds revolting. The worst thing for me has been the smell of my fridge and the smell of smoke or heat (ha that sounds so weird, I know).

At first, sleep was coming easy, but I’m now reaching the point where sleep is rough. Laying on my sides hurts my hips so bad, laying on my belly isn’t possible and laying on my back gives me instant heartburn.

I’m very low energy, low motivation. I feel like maaaaybe that is starting to ease up a little bit, but for the most part I just feel like a slug.


I’m so very excited to add this baby to the family. Three kids! Thats so awesome!! It will also be really fun to have a warm weather baby! Life is good!

Big News!

Oh hey! Besides birthdays, it’s been a little while – and maybe this will sort of help explain my absence, but let’s be real, I’m not always the most consistent blogger anyway, so…

But guys, I’m pregnant!! That’s right, Baby 3 is cooking away in my belly and we are SO grateful and so excited!! I’m due in June and can’t wait to meet this little babe.

I’m typical Chelsea-being-pregnant form, I feel very super sick. I throw up oh so many times, smells are killing me slowly, my body is already achey and my energy is nowhere to be found. But to me, that’s the sign of a good, healthy baby, so I try not to complain too much about everything happening.

Mostly, I’m just thrilled. Harrison is big brother extraordinaire and I can’t wait to see him take that roll on again. Emmett is baby-obsessed, so I can’t wait to watch and see what kind of big brother he will be! I’m already daydreaming about the three of them together and it melts me.

I’m a very, very blessed mama.


Wow, what? Today Harrison turns FOUR! Four? Thats a big number. He’s been pretty sure for the last few weeks that when he wakes up when he’s four he’s going to be tall enough to reach the ceiling – I hope he isn’t too disappointed if the giant growth spurt he’s been wishing for doesn’t come true. Harrison is my rule follower and my do-gooder and sometimes his personality and behavior reminds me so much of myself that it freaks me out a little. He is very, very smart, happy, helpful and very funny. He is shy, friendly and a hard worker who loves discovering new things and letting curiosity guide his day. He has an imagination that blows us all out of the water and is so entertaining to watch play. He’s currently Hot Wheels and Avengers obsessed, and all he’s asked for, for his birthday is “lots of hot wheels tracks” and I’m happy to say thats a birthday wish that I can guarantee will come true. Happy Birthday, Harrison! I love you to infinity and beyond!