Lazy, Blah Tuesday

I find it ironic that a week or two ago I read something on Twitter saying that October 13th would be No Bra Day in support of Breast Cancer Awareness and I promptly took to social media to proclaim that there was NO way I would comply and I’d show my support in other ways, all while wearing a bra. I’m a firm believer in bras – the worlds just prettier (and less pointy/torpedo-shaped) with them. Yet here I am, its almost 5 o’clock pm and guess what? I haven’t changed out of my robe all day — and haven’t put a bra on. But I’m in the safety and privacy of my own home so whatevs, I’m not hurting anyones eyes.

This morning I woke up at 9-ish. I didn’t know I was freakishly tired, but I was. I got out of bed and had a to-do list running through my mind, so I wrote it down (thumbs up for lists!) while I ate breakfast and then started working on it. About twenty minutes into my house-wife duties, I started to feel dizzy, more nauseous than normal, got a headache and just felt shaky and…pregnant, I guess. So I did what any smart woman would have done. I went back to bed. I slept for only about 45 minutes, when I was half expecting not to open my eyes again until noon, but I felt a lot better. Still sore, achey and nauseous, but the dizziness and headache were gone. So I sat up and just sat there for a while. Then I read my scriptures, said my prayers and decided to get ready… Except getting ready only turned into putting my robe and slippers back on, brushing my hair and washing my face. I went downstairs to keep working on the to-do list but instead found myself lounging on the couch eating raspberries and vanilla almonds. Then I had myself about an hour-long breakdown (pregnancy hormones are the real deal) and made myself promise to be productive. Finally.

I kind of was.

I straightened the main floor, cleaned our bedroom, organized some bills, papers and other weird miscellaneous things that I can never find a place for and I even almost did some laundry.

Obviously I worked incredibly slow because all the sudden I only had a few more hours until Wild Man got home and I wanted to make sure dinner was ready when he came home and have a dessert, as well.

I started with dessert. I made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and learned really fast that its PURE TORTURE to make one of your favorite desserts in the entire world when you CAN’T EAT IT! (Have a I mentioned how much I loathe gestational diabetes?) It also was tricky to make sure they were cooked all the way, but not overdone, when I couldn’t sample them. But they looked pretty so I decided that meant they also tasted good and weren’t too dough-y but also not a solid piece of brick. Then I made dinner – chicken, potatoes, steamed veggies and a fruit bowl (I could eat all of this, thankfully).

When Wild Man got home and we sat down to eat one of the first things he told me was I looked, “hammered,” he also used the words, “beat,” “exhausted,” and “like I’ve had a rough day.” Amen to all of that, buddy. He also found it comical I was still in my robe and hadn’t done pretty much anything at all with myself. We laughed about it. The cool thing about him is he can make my bad days feel better and he can somehow manage to make me laugh even when I feel lazy, gross, sick and emotional. I married a good one, folks. Go, me.

Now I think I’m going to go plug in my wax in my spa and (politely) force Wild Man to wax my eyebrows.

The rest of my evening will consist of more laziness, more blah and hopefully no more throw up.



“Pregnancy is the happiest excuse for feeling like crap.”

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