The Time Has Come


My feet, ankles and legs are swollen. But I had no idea my hands were, also. I guess now that I study them I can see the swelling. I usually have boney, skinny fingers and while they definitely aren’t ginormous like my feet can be and no one would probably be able to tell my hands are larger than usual, I can see it. I’ve seen it for a few days, but today they must have been bigger because…IMG_2464I couldn’t get my wedding ring on no matter how hard I pushed and shoved. I’m not ashamed to say how devastating it was, either. I love my ring and I feel naked without it!! My hand, especially my finger is so sad. Again I say it.



Not sure how I’ll ever get used to this. Maybe the swelling will go down enough in the next few days that I’ll be able to wear it again. Lets vote for that.

And as a little side note, oversized sweaters are heaven. I got this blush pink oversized sweater from J.Crew last year for Christmas from my mother-in-law (unfortunately after searching their website I can’t find anything similar – but their sweaters are on sale, FYI). Its big and comfy and it fits over my bump even though it isn’t maternity. Love it.



“Pink isn’t just a color, its an attitude.”

One thought on “The Time Has Come

  1. I wasn’t ever able to wear my wedding ring while pregnant either as I got closer to delivery. I would wear it on a chain around my neck though.

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