Three Years


On November 1st, 2012, Wild Man and I were married in the Mount Timpanogos Temple (an LDS Temple in American Fork, Utah), sealed for time and all eternity.


Today marks three years of that wedded bliss and I can honestly say that marrying that charming guy was the best thing I’ve ever done. Every single day I can find a reason to be happy because of him. He makes me happier, pushes me to do better, is my #1 cheerleader, encourages me to go after the things I want, listens to me – and like really listens, lets me wax his nose and eyebrows, helps me with my crafts and projects, makes me laugh harder than anyone else ever could, he lets me eat candy and junk food even though he’s avidly against it, helps me figure out technology stuff that goes way over my head then infuriates me, buys me ice cream when I’m feeling down, still cuddles with me because he knows I love it, will change the temperature of our bedroom to accommodate me – even if it makes him hotter or colder than he’d like to be, he humors me by being in the trillions of selfies I ask to take with him, he takes me on new adventures, kisses my cheek in the morning before he goes to work no matter if I’m awake or asleep, he lets me watch what I want on tv, he has created more inside jokes between the two of us than most people probably have, he can read my mind and he he is 100% my better half and very, very best friend. Because of my Mister, I am the luckiest, happiest girl and forever and always will be.

Happy Anniversary, Wild Man! Here’s to an eternity more of of wonderful anniversaries, fantastic memories and endless laughs, smiles and sarcastic comments.



“Adventure is Out There!” -Up (this is me and Wild Man’s family motto)

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