Spiritual Sunday: Beware of Pride

I love my Primary calling. Working with kids and helping them understand the gospel is so much fun, but this week when I was told I could have the week off from Primary and go to Relief Society, instead, I was way more excited than I thought I would be to go back. Its fun to sit in a room full of women who are friends, who are fun to talk to and who tell you what a cute pregnant lady you are 😉 Oh, except this cute girl who has a one-month old baby wet her pants during the lesson and now I have a legitimate fear of doing the same thing sometime after Baby Boy is born. But if it does, I hope I can handle it as classily as she did – seriously I’m impressed. And also terrified of my future control over my bladder.

Our lesson in Relief Society was one of those where as soon as I heard the title I was like, oh this is no coincidence that I’m here and not in Primary for this lesson. It was a lesson I needed to hear and I’m thankful I did.

Beware of Pride.

We started the lesson with writing characteristics of a prideful person on the board. Some of which were:

  • Selfish
  • Egotistical
  • Compares self to others
  • Not open to criticism
  • Disobedient
  • Impatient
  • Judgemental
  • Greedy
  • Not happy for others
  • etc, etc, etc

I immediately and unfortunately identified with a few of these.

Compares self to others. Not open to criticism. Impatient.

I’m sure I have plenty of other characteristics of a prideful person because I am far from perfect and becoming a humble, wonderful person is still a work in progress for me. However I’m also thankful to know I do also possess some characteristics of a humble person, too (does that make me even more prideful in saying that??) But as per usual in this gospel, there is always, always, always room for improvement and growth.

I compare myself to others. Sometimes I do it in a way thats only hurtful for me and brings my self esteem down, but I’m also very good at comparing myself to others to build myself up. Its not like I make these rude comparisons to others faces, but I know Heavenly Father can hear my thoughts – so its only hurting myself when I compare myself to others in any way.

I am not open to criticism. I like to think I’m doing the very best I can (usually). I like to think I’m almost perfect (ha!) and I like to think if there are changes I need to make in myself, then I will be the one to address them. So when people decide to ‘criticize’ me and give me their opinions/suggestions, etc, I can get a little bugged by it.

I am impatient. Pregnancy has especially reminded me of this prideful characteristic I have. I don’t like waiting for things. I want time to pass so much quicker than it typically does (I know one day i’ll regret saying that) or I want things to move according to my own timeline. Especially now with two weeks left until my due date, I’m feeling extra impatient. This is probably my worst struggle.

We then discussed how having these attributes can really halt your spiritual progression, keep you from blessings, keep you from blessing others and cause the gospel to not work fully in your life. Instant guilt. So of course as I sat there in my seat trying to silently eat a snack I’d brought myself, I began setting a long list of goals for myself so I can be better.

After talking about that more discouraging topic, the teacher asked us to change the words on the board from characteristics of a prideful person to characteristics of a humble person. The changes were made to words such as:

  • Selfless
  • Complimentary
  • Boosts others up
  • Takes advice/instruction openly without getting offended
  • Obedient
  • Patient
  • Long suffering
  • Giving
  • Service-oriented
  • Empathetic
  • Can be happy for others successes, promotions, good news..
  • Etc, etc, etc

Then the lesson took a change and you could tell all the women were eager and excited to take these attributes and apply them into their daily lives. I for one, was very eager to work on my patience, taking advice from others without getting offended and boosting others up. It got me all excited. I know I don’t have to master all these humble characteristics in this one week, but they can all be a work in progress and I really hope I can hold myself accountable to really striving to be a humble, more Christ-like person.

Our teacher then ended the lesson by encouraging us to approach our spouse, parents, siblings, someone close to you and asking them to honestly tell you what they think you could work on when it comes to being prideful. She said its very eye opening to see yourself from the point of view from someone close to you, who’s opinion you value. I’ll admit, when I first heard this challenge, I thought NO WAY, because surely whatever Wild Man or my family told me would upset me and then I’d defend myself.. But then I realized its giving me the perfect opportunity to work on not being offended easily and taking criticism openly. Just like that I have the chance to start on these goals. Now I just need to get in the right mindset to ask.. So wish me luck on that, please.



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