What Side Are You On?

I feel like once November hits, people immediately begin to divide.

There are those who immediately jump into listening to Christmas music, decorating for Christmas and the whole shebang.. Then there are those who avoid all things Christmas until Thanksgiving has come and gone and they’re easily angered by the sight of Christmas decorations and the sounds of Christmas music.

I, for one, am happily and proudly one of those Christmas people.

Once Halloween is over I am ready for the music, the sparkly lights, the Christmas trees, paper snowflakes, Christmas scented candles (yum), snow on the ground, Christmas shopping, wrapping gifts and so on. I don’t know if this happens every year and I’ve just now discovered it, but on November 1st I got into the car and on 105.1 they were playing Christmas music!! Most magical thing, ever.

But all these Christmas thoughts zooming around my mind has made me wonder how everyone else feels. I took to Twitter and Facebook a few days ago to get some votes going.

The question was, is it ok to listen to Christmas music/decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving? I had a massive feedback (lol) and here are the numbers:

Out of the 22 people who voted:

17 said YES – bring on the Christmas

4 said NO – wait until after Thanksgiving

1 said – Do what makes you happy…

But I’m still curious, what side of this holiday debate are YOU on??

I thought I’d leave you with this picture of my doggie in his new Santa hat, who by the looks of it, really isn’t feeling the Christmas spirit just yet. So add another vote to the nay-sayers..



“Its the most wonderful time of the year…”

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