Spiritual Sunday: Earthly Angels

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After posting my last Spiritual Sunday (that was actually posted on Monday…) I almost immediately knew what I wanted the following weeks message to be.

Our earthly angels.

We have earthly angels literally everywhere, all around us. But this week I was made especially aware of four that really stood out to me and made me so grateful for the blessing that these people are in my life. These four angels I’ve been particularly aware of this week are four incredible women who I really hope I can turn out like. My momma, both of my grandmas and a friend.

My momma. I genuinely feel bad for the people in the world who don’t know my mom. If I allowed myself, this post could go on for hours as I gush about what an amazing woman she is – but I’ll spare you of that time commitment and keep it short-ish. My mom has always been so giving, humble and full to the brim of service. She has three daughters and has always, always, always put us and our happiness first. She works so hard to make sure that we are happy and living a good life. This past week I’ve really been thinking about how she is one of those who won’t necessarily get up in your face and tell you her testimony or bear her soul to you about how she feels about the gospel – but she is one who rather than telling you, will show you. Her actions, deeds and big, selfless heart immediately teach you that she is a woman of God and lives a good life. I think this is one of the best qualities to have. I always remember hearing that quote that goes something like, words are nothing without action. That is my mom. She doesn’t just say she’ll do something – she does that something. I’ve also been overwhelmed with her kind and giving heart as we’ve prepared for Baby Boy. She has helped us so much. There are countless outfits in his dresser, accessories in his bedroom and other necessities for baby and me that she has bought us. It is really so helpful and lightens the weight on our shoulders significantly as we stress out (ok, the stress is mostly me) about making sure everything is perfect and ready for when the little guy comes. She is my constant earthly angel who teaches me how to be a good mother, friend and member of the church. She has also taught me so much about service and giving.

My Grandma. Both of my grandmas are being highlighted in this post. This particular one is my dads mom. You will never meet a more happy, optimistic, glass-half-full (more like overflowing) person. I always leave her presence feeling rejuvenated, happy and full of goals to be a happier person. Last Monday, Wild Man and I went to visit my grandparents who don’t live too far from us. My sweet grandpa struggles with some health issues and was already in bed, so it was just us and grandma. Wild Man asked her how grandpa was doing. She gave us the quick update (luckily he’s been having some good days, but is still tired, hurting, etc) but then before the mood could drop, she said, “but we are SO blessed!” She then proceeded to tell us of all the blessings in their lives and how she sees the Lords hand everywhere. This then led to an amazing story of how she converted to the church and her beautiful, strong testimony. It was incredible and Wild Man and I both felt so blessed and fortunate to have been there to hear her say these amazing things. I was completely uplifted by her – even more than usual. I was made very aware that she is absolutely one of my earthly angels who has given me an incredible example of steadfast faith to follow and strive for.

My Grandma. This grandma is my momma’s mom. My moms a wonderful person and there is no doubt in my mind she got many of her traits from her own mother. My grandma lives in Idaho and we don’t see her nearly as much as we’d like to, but it makes me extra thankful for the times I do get to see her and my grandpa. As Thanksgiving and Christmas approach I always find myself looking forward to seeing them when they come out to Utah to see us. My grandma has always been an example to me of being the person that always has it together. Her house is always perfectly clean, she makes delicious meals, she sews and her projects always turn out perfectly, she is always on top of things and though I’m sure she’d say she isn’t really… She at least is more so than most everyone else. I’m also inspired by her health. She cares for her body physically and mentally and I really hope I can be that same way. As I sit here and think about her and the fun conversations we always have and the sweet little gifts she always provides her family, I can’t help but feel so grateful that she is my grandma and that she loves me. She is on of my earthly angels because she inspires me to always do my best and care for everything I do.

My Friend. I have a lot of friends who could fit into this category of being my earthly angel. This friend in particular is the girl who does my lashes. I’ve known her for several years now and I genuinely enjoy the time I get to spend with her. She is an Esthetician and a Cosmetologist. Two of the most gossip and drama-filled professions out there, I’d say. Being an Esthetician myself, I know how easy it can be to be sucked into talking about negative, non-uplifting subjects with clients. But this woman in particular just never does. Every time I’ve seen her we’ve had a discussion about the gospel, we happily talk about our families, we help each other set goals to be better people and we are able to uplift each other and make each other feel better at the end of the appointment than we did at the beginning. I give complete credit to her and her willingness and eagerness to bring the spirit into the room and to share her thoughts and insight about the gospel. She is an earthly angel to me because she inspires me to bring the same uplifting spirit into my spa, and to always stay on the positive side while in conversations and discussions.

Obviously I have soooooooooo many more earthly angels. But these are the ones who really stood out to me this week and left me feeling inspired and eager to make changes in myself for the better. I’m so thankful for these people. I’m thankful Heavenly Father has sent us angels here on earth to help us, guide us, inspire us and be examples to us.



“We were not placed on this earth to walk alone.” -Thomas S. Monson

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