Winter Skincare

Ah, the havoc that cold weather can wreak upon our poor, unsuspecting skin, am I right? We finally get our skin looking all nice, moisturized and pretty, then BAM! the cold weather comes along and messes everything up. Oh, the joys…

I am still working on finding the perfect remedy to combat what cold weather does to our precious skin, but in the last little while, I have had a few people ask for any tips and tricks, because they, too, are suffering the woes of cold weather.

I’ve acquired some tips and tricks along the way. Though they are few, they’ve worked for me. Without further ado, here are CeeCee’s tricks, tips and advice.

  • Use a richer, extra hydrating facial moisturizer. I feel like this is the most obvious answer, but it works. Ultra hydrating  moisturizers are going to obviously help your skin absorb extra hydration – exactly what it needs with all this cold weather.
  • Exfoliate your face (3-5 times a week). This will help slough off dry, shedding skin and help new skin surface.
  • Use hydrating serums and masks. I’m not going to recommend a specific brand or type because everyone has different budgets, likes, etc. But they really do work! Every night and morning I use a hylauronic acid serum (provides lots of hydration) and at night I use a hydrating mask and my skin has really been reaping the benefits of this habit.
  • Exfoliate your lips and coat them in a good, moisturizing lip balm or vaseline. Just like on your face, it sloughs off dead skin and allows your new, fresh, pretty skin to surface. Then with lip balm or vaseline you lock in moisture that your lips so badly need.
  • Add facial oils into your moisturizer. Its just a little extra hydration for your skin to soak up. Lovely.
  • Olive Oil. I dump a small amount of Extra Virgin Olive Oil onto a cotton ball every night and rub it onto my face and neck. Again, another extra step to add in moisture to your skin.
  • Don’t neglect the rest of your body! Use a hydrating lotion/moisturizer on your entire body because its not just your face thats going to be feeling the negative effects of cold, dry weather. I also like using Coconut Oil. The oily feeling helps me feel extra hydrated and my skin feels soft and smooth a little extra longer. (just my opinion)
  • Use honey. Honey leaves your skin soft, smooth and happy. It always leaves me a little more moisturized and dewey, as well. And it smells divine!
  • Gloves and socks. For dry hands and feet I like to put several heavy coats of moisturizer, foot or hand cream on my feet/hands then put on socks or gloves to really lock in the moisture. I love the way my hands and feet feel afterwards, too. Its incredible.
  • Get a facial! 1. Because they’re amazing and feel like heaven. 2. They’re so beneficial for your faces skin and your esthetician will cater to your specific skin needs. Tell your esthetician you’re dry and winter air is wacking your skin out – she’ll hook you up.



“The best foundation you can wear is glowing, healthy skin.”

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