NOT Ruined

I have seen many articles about this; this is my post to add to the mix. But it’s important to me. 

I grew a child inside of me for 39.5 weeks. My stomach grew as the child did, until I was roughly the size of a small elephant (or so it seemed/felt). My body changed significantly during my pregnancy. My body changed even after the child was born. But my body is certainly NOT ruined. 

I’m so sick of hearing women refer to their bodies as ‘ruined’ after childbirth. Your body is NOT ruined. It’s a freaking incredible factory that literally CREATED LIFE. Your body made, formed, grew and delivered a baby – you are superwoman and your body, no matter how changed and different from your golden high school years, is your shining proof of that. 

By no means am I claiming that I had a killer body before my little man grew inside of me, but there was muscle there. Dare I say I even had some definition in parts of my abdomen. Now, I am one month post partum and where there once was muscle there is now, what I like to call, play dough. Yes, I shrunk down to my pre-pregnancy size almost immediately, but I didn’t shrink down to my pre-pregnancy shape. Maybe you don’t think my body is different, but I do. I see the change all the time. I can grab flabs of gooey skin and pull it away from my spine. When I go up and down the stairs too quickly, I can only imagine the floppy scene my tummy (and bum) create. Don’t even get me started on these new boobs that are growing by the minute. When I lay on my side I can feel and see gravity work it’s cruel magic and pull my un-toned skin down into a small pool on the bed. 

Pregnancy changed my body. 

But it didn’t ruin it. 

Because of this new body I’m choosing to embrace, I have my son. I gave my husband and myself the greatest gift imaginable. I made my parents grandparents, my sisters aunts and added another sweet body to my in-laws ever growing count of grandchildren. I had a baby and this baby has caused so much joy and happiness that would otherwise not exist if he were never born. I would still have my tight, non-jiggly body, but I wouldn’t have my sweet angel baby. This ‘new’ body of mine could not be more worth the prize. 

I am PROUD, like crazy proud, of my body. It made a healthy, wiggly, happy newborn that smiles as he focus’ on my eyes, holds my finger with his tiny hand, flails his arms about uncontrollably making me laugh every time, ‘talks’ in his sleep and makes the best, most heart melting scowl you’ve ever seen. 

Frankly, if my body never goes back to even a fraction of what it used to be, that’s fine. That old body wasn’t a mother. This new body, stretched and squishy, is a perfect little boys mom, and that little boy takes and loves me exactly as I am. 

Exactly as we all should. 

Your body is different and will likely never be the same. 

But it is so, so far from ruined. So you rock your body with pride. You made life. Be proud of it. Love it. Own it. 

You’re not ruined, you’re better than you’ve ever been before. 




12 Outfits of Christmas: Birthday Party

 Today is my birthday! I’m turning twenty-something and spending the whole day with family. I couldn’t ask for a better day. 

I attempted to get somewhat dressed up and ready this morning – you know, since it’s a ‘big’ day.. My hair was much more curly initially but the rain made sure to ruin that fun. 

  Top: Forever 21 – Cardigan: Target – Leggings: Target – Boots: Famous Footwear 



12 Outfits of Christmas: Church/Par-tay

I neglected day eight yesterday. Right now The Captain SCREAMS if he is put down for more than 10 seconds and he was just fussier than usual so I just didn’t make the time for a cute outfit. I considered posting pictures of the simple outfit I had on, but after I was pooped, pottied and spit up on several times I gave up on the whole outfit of the day, entirely.

But I am making up for yesterday by posting two outfits today.

The first is a look I’d wear for church or maybe a fancy Christmas party. These are two pieces of my wardrobe I’ve always been particularly fond of. The skirt is especially Christmas-y, to me. The red plus gold accents just screams holiday festivities, does it not??


peplum blouse: gifted {probably Macys} – skirt: The Nest on Main – booties: Target

The second outfit is also one I would consider for a Christmas party or a night out to dinner – something fun where you just feel that much better about being all dressed up. I love this outfit because it looks a bit more dressed up, but is still super comfy – and you know I’m all about being comfy. You can’t tell in these pictures, but that sweater is also sparkly. Bonus!


And a little appearance by my sweet FOUR WEEK old!! (where does time go??)


sweater: Gap – scarf: Gap – trousers: Target – flats: Target



12 Outfits of Christmas: Basically Jammies


Day number sevens outfit for 12 Outfits of Christmas, I’m naming: I WANT TO BE IN DISNEYLAND. I don’t even care that right now its insanely busy. I want to be there. Today my family left for the magical place and its making my house/couch seem a lot less fun. So I decided the least I could do was channel Disney whilst getting dressed this morning. It doesn’t really help my jealousy, but I do at least feel a tiny bit better knowing I’m rocking my girl, Minnie Mouse.


This is a sweater I got at the Disney Store two years ago. It was bought at the park but was returned to the Disney Store. Its a size XXL, which isn’t my size, but it was so cute I literally could not leave the store without it. The sleeves are too long and too baggy for my liking, but its so cute that I’m able to look past it.

The sweat pants I’m wearing are so comfy. I got them for Christmas several years ago and they’re often my go-to comfy pants. They aren’t always super flattering (like today I’m noticing – oops) but ohhhh the comfort.

Also, MICKEY MOUSE SLIPPERS because I’m probably not going out today so I’ll be in these babies all day.


I also wanted to feature this not-so-happy-camper. He looks super cute today in his Coolest Baby Ever shirt and his little grey sweatpants. But maybe he wasn’t as big of a fan of the outfit. That, or he was really hungry. (don’t worry, he was fed right after the pictures)

sweater: Disney Store – sweat pants: Gap – slippers: Disney Store

captains onesie: Target – sweat pants: Target – socks & mittens: (you guessed it) Target



12 Outfits of Christmas: Comfy Sweater

My number one favorite Fall/Winter/Holiday clothing piece? Sweaters. A couple months ago my mom found these awesome oversized sweaters online at Old Navy and we both jumped onboard and ordered a couple. I was able to wear this sweater as a maternity top even when I was a big nine months pregnant, so it scored some serious bonus points for me. Its soft, comfortable and cute and can be dressed up and dressed down. Today I paired it with another pair of black leggings and some old black boots.


sweater: Old Navy – leggings: Gap – boots: Famous Footwear



12 Outfits of Christmas: Christmas Shopping


I knew when I took on this 12 Outfits of Christmas challenge that on one of those days I had to wear this shirt. Do you have that one shirt that you just love? I do – and this is that shirt. During the end of my pregnancy I found myself actually missing being able to wear this shirt and it was one of the first shirts I wore when we were home from the hospital. It was a Christmas or birthday gift from Wild Man a couple years back from one of my favorite little boutiques called, The Nest on Main. Its such a comfy shirt and I just feel like 99% more confident and awesome when I wear it. I also did my hair in a messy half bun and put on a decent face of make up. I felt good, guys. I like getting ready every once in a while.


Thankfully I took these pictures when I did because not too much longer after these pictures were snapped, I was changing Captain’s diaper and not only was I tinkled on, I was also pooped on. It was a mess and I ended up looking like I’d wet my own pants. It was so glamorous. The two of us had to strip down and get in new clothes, stat, so I’m glad I was able to catch the look before it was covered in my sons business. Cute little guy.

Also, it was a stripe day.


shirt: The Nest on Main – jeans: American Eagle – flats: Target

Captain’s one piece: Carter’s



12 Outfits of Christmas: Out On the Town

For day number four of 12 Outfits of Christmas I decided to do a look that would work (for me) for going out shopping, out to eat, etc. Its casual but still a little dressed up.


I didn’t actually go out when I wore this outfit except for a doctors appointment for The Little Captain. The poor little guy had a rough day and just needed more snuggles and loving so we spent most of our day at home on the couch — and it was heaven. Nothing beats baby snuggles.


shirt: Gap – cardigan: DownEast – jeans: American Eagle – socks: Gap