The Little Captain


Being a mommy is everything its cracked up to be. Having my little boy here is the best thing, ever. Seriously, Wild Man and I can’t quit talking about how lucky we are and about how good of a boy he is. We are probably the luckiest parents in the whole wide world. You know I don’t use real names here – so not only did Wild Man and I have to give our son a real name (which is super cute), but I also had to come up with his blogger name.

The name I have chosen is:

The Captain

Why? Well there are a few reasons. From the second I got pregnant, this baby was calling all the shots. I was sick the whole nine months, I had gestational diabetes, I had back and hip issues, etc. I knew I wanted to choose some sort of name that kind of showed that he was the boss. But I really didn’t want to call him, Boss or Chief…stuff like that. Then the other day, I took a picture of him and he made this cute little winky face. I sent the picture out to my family and my mom called him a ‘little pirate.’ Then I started to notice that he makes this winky, pirate face quite often. So who are the bosses of pirates? Captains. Thus, his name was born. Maybe thats a weird way I got the name, but it works. He’s definitely our Little Captain. He rules our worlds and our worlds completely revolve around him. He’s changed our lives and we love him so very much.



“Sometimes a little thing can be quite important.” -Mary Poppins

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