The Best Bond

For some reason I always knew that Wild Man and our baby would be BFF’s. Before we even knew that The Captain was a boy, I just knew the baby would be very close to its daddy. Then in June when we found out the little baby in my belly was a boy, it only gave me even more reassurance that they would be thick as thieves. While I was pregnant when Wild Man would talk, our son would wiggle around happily in my stomach. When Wild Man even just touched my big ol’ belly, the baby would dance around. It was always the sweetest thing and I couldn’t wait to see them together face-to-face without my belly separating them.

Now that The Little Captain is here, all of my dreams about seeing him with his daddy and being able to witness their friendship take off have come true. Wild Man and The Captain have the best, sweetest bond.

I think that they established their incredible bond the first night The Captain was born. He had looooong nights in the hospital. He didn’t want to sleep, he was restless and cried for hours on end. I couldn’t get up and walk around so Wild Man would take our son and pace the room, sing church hymns and Christmas songs to him, rock him and pat his bum (one of his biggest comforts for him, now) and I think because of the long nights in the hospital they spent together, The Captain feels so protected, safe and happy when his dad is near. They imprinted this phenomenal love and devotion to one another.

One of my favorite things is when Wild Man gets home from work and Captain hears his voice. His little eyes open wide and he searches the room for his daddy’s familiar face. Then the two of them hang out together all the while melting my heart.

I love my two boys. I’m so thankful I get to be ones wife and ones mommy. I live the luckiest life and I am so honored I get to watch these two with each other.



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