12 Outfits of Christmas: Basically Jammies


Day number sevens outfit for 12 Outfits of Christmas, I’m naming: I WANT TO BE IN DISNEYLAND. I don’t even care that right now its insanely busy. I want to be there. Today my family left for the magical place and its making my house/couch seem a lot less fun. So I decided the least I could do was channel Disney whilst getting dressed this morning. It doesn’t really help my jealousy, but I do at least feel a tiny bit better knowing I’m rocking my girl, Minnie Mouse.


This is a sweater I got at the Disney Store two years ago. It was bought at the park but was returned to the Disney Store. Its a size XXL, which isn’t my size, but it was so cute I literally could not leave the store without it. The sleeves are too long and too baggy for my liking, but its so cute that I’m able to look past it.

The sweat pants I’m wearing are so comfy. I got them for Christmas several years ago and they’re often my go-to comfy pants. They aren’t always super flattering (like today I’m noticing – oops) but ohhhh the comfort.

Also, MICKEY MOUSE SLIPPERS because I’m probably not going out today so I’ll be in these babies all day.


I also wanted to feature this not-so-happy-camper. He looks super cute today in his Coolest Baby Ever shirt and his little grey sweatpants. But maybe he wasn’t as big of a fan of the outfit. That, or he was really hungry. (don’t worry, he was fed right after the pictures)

sweater: Disney Store – sweat pants: Gap – slippers: Disney Store

captains onesie: Target – sweat pants: Target – socks & mittens: (you guessed it) Target



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