NOT Ruined

I have seen many articles about this; this is my post to add to the mix. But it’s important to me. 

I grew a child inside of me for 39.5 weeks. My stomach grew as the child did, until I was roughly the size of a small elephant (or so it seemed/felt). My body changed significantly during my pregnancy. My body changed even after the child was born. But my body is certainly NOT ruined. 

I’m so sick of hearing women refer to their bodies as ‘ruined’ after childbirth. Your body is NOT ruined. It’s a freaking incredible factory that literally CREATED LIFE. Your body made, formed, grew and delivered a baby – you are superwoman and your body, no matter how changed and different from your golden high school years, is your shining proof of that. 

By no means am I claiming that I had a killer body before my little man grew inside of me, but there was muscle there. Dare I say I even had some definition in parts of my abdomen. Now, I am one month post partum and where there once was muscle there is now, what I like to call, play dough. Yes, I shrunk down to my pre-pregnancy size almost immediately, but I didn’t shrink down to my pre-pregnancy shape. Maybe you don’t think my body is different, but I do. I see the change all the time. I can grab flabs of gooey skin and pull it away from my spine. When I go up and down the stairs too quickly, I can only imagine the floppy scene my tummy (and bum) create. Don’t even get me started on these new boobs that are growing by the minute. When I lay on my side I can feel and see gravity work it’s cruel magic and pull my un-toned skin down into a small pool on the bed. 

Pregnancy changed my body. 

But it didn’t ruin it. 

Because of this new body I’m choosing to embrace, I have my son. I gave my husband and myself the greatest gift imaginable. I made my parents grandparents, my sisters aunts and added another sweet body to my in-laws ever growing count of grandchildren. I had a baby and this baby has caused so much joy and happiness that would otherwise not exist if he were never born. I would still have my tight, non-jiggly body, but I wouldn’t have my sweet angel baby. This ‘new’ body of mine could not be more worth the prize. 

I am PROUD, like crazy proud, of my body. It made a healthy, wiggly, happy newborn that smiles as he focus’ on my eyes, holds my finger with his tiny hand, flails his arms about uncontrollably making me laugh every time, ‘talks’ in his sleep and makes the best, most heart melting scowl you’ve ever seen. 

Frankly, if my body never goes back to even a fraction of what it used to be, that’s fine. That old body wasn’t a mother. This new body, stretched and squishy, is a perfect little boys mom, and that little boy takes and loves me exactly as I am. 

Exactly as we all should. 

Your body is different and will likely never be the same. 

But it is so, so far from ruined. So you rock your body with pride. You made life. Be proud of it. Love it. Own it. 

You’re not ruined, you’re better than you’ve ever been before. 



2 thoughts on “NOT Ruined

  1. So I have basically spent my afternoon creeping all over your blog and I had to finally comment on one because this one brought me to tears. You are such a sweet mommy to that sweet little boy and he is so lucky to have you – way to go! This post is so real and so true – there are times that I do not like my new body but then I see what it has produced and I don’t care about the bags and sags anymore. Thank you for reminding me how incredible our baby making bodies are – you are so great!


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