12 Outfits of Christmas: Baby Snuggle Day

Day #3 of 12 Outfits of Christmas!

This look is from yesterday – and in case you can’t already tell, it was an incredibly lazy, laid back, barely-got-ready look. Probably because yesterday I was very lazy, laid back and barely got ready. Unfortunately my sweet baby boy was having some tummy troubles the majority of the day and was the fussiest I’ve ever seen him. The poor little guy didn’t want to be put down and his only solace was nursing and snuggles (to which I happily obliged). So yes, my shirt is wrinkly and if you look closely there is also spit up (& other things), as well on it. This is not the outfit or ‘look’ I’d planned for today, but it’s what I ended up with – and that’s the look I’m rocking today. 


I guess I can’t expect to get all done up and ready every day now I’m a mommy. Its the very best reason to be lazy and let myself have some lazy, not super attractive, make up free days. The Captain doesn’t care what I look like though and Wild Man still thinks I’m pretty — so I’m ok with all of that.


These are weird pictures, but it was the best I could do with the quick amount of time The Little Captain let me put him in his Rock-A-Roo.

The best thing about this outfit is that it is incredibly comfortable – perfect for couch snuggles. Also, this shirt is super sentimental to me now because this is the shirt I wore to the hospital the day I had Captain and I also wore it home from the hospital.


shirt: Target – leggings: Gap – wool socks: Target




12 Outfits of Christmas: Traditions

Yesterday Wild Man, The Little Captain and I went to my parents house for our annual Christmas tradition of decorating gingerbread houses. I’ll be honest, every ounce of me wanted to not get ready today. I’ve had a headache and my episiotomy stitches are seriously going to be the death of me. I wanted to stay in my jammies with a top-knot on my head and not a speck of make up on my face. It sounded good. But I couldn’t miss out on a day of the 12 Outfits of Christmas that I’ve so been looking forward to! So I decided even if it was just for decorating gingerbread houses with my husband, son and two little sisters, I was going to get ready.


I’m all about button-up shirts right now. It makes breast feeding 100 times easier. I got this shirt a couple years ago and typically wear it under a solid colored sweater, but today I wore it all by itself and was very pleased. My jeans are just old jeans I’ve had for who knows how long. But they’re comfy and today they brought me a personal victory because they aren’t maternity pants and they fit! As for the boots, they’re my favorite boots. Wild Man picked them a couple years ago for me and its been a very successful, magical love story ever since.


I also wore my Moby Wrap for a good percentage of the evening. I love baby wearing. Having the Captain right up against me all snug and adorable is my favorite. Nothing beats looking down and his little eyes looking back up at me. {gosh, i love that little boy}. I’ve really loved the Moby Wrap, too. Its easy to use, lightweight and comes in a variety of different colors. I got my wrap in grey because it would match with so much and grey is one of the worlds best colors.


shirt: Target – pants: American Eagle – boots: Zappos – wrap: Moby Wrap

I had to give a shoutout to my hair, too. Like really you guys I didn’t want to do it. But I did and it didn’t turn out too bad. Don’t you love when that happens?


And lastly, my family and our gingerbread houses. Cute.




12 Outfits of Christmas: Ugly Sweater

My friend, Danica, who is a blogger-extraordinaire came up with this awesome idea to do a 12 Days of Christmas Outfits. Since I just had a baby and pretty much do nothing with myself now, I was SO excited when she invited me to join her in this fun challenge. Finally some motivation to get ready!! So for the next 12 weekdays I’ll posting my various Christmas outfits so stay tuned..

I decided to start my posts with a good ol’ ugly sweater. Which admittedly I actually think is very cute. For my side of the families Christmas cards this year we are all wearing Disney-themed ugly sweaters and I cannot wait to show them off on here. They’re going to be so cute. But in the meantime, here is my ugly sweater in front of my moms Disney tree. (Also please ignore the awful lighting. I promise I’ll do better next time.)


sweater (limited edition): Disney Store 

jeans: H&M Maternity

boots: Target



Spiritual Sunday: Be Brave

 This isn’t necessarily spiritual or gospel related – but it’s some good food for thought, right? I have neglected Spiritual Sunday’s the last couple weeks and I really wanted to at least post something this week. When I saw this post on Instagram a couple times yesterday, I was moved by it each time and decided to share this. I hope you can take it to heart and make it a goal to do all this picture says! I know I’m going to definitely try to be the person it explains.  

Have a happy Sunday everyone!



November Favorites

Another month has passed and I’ve found some more favorites!

NickaK New York Eye Shadow Pallet

Who doesn’t love a good eyeshadow pallet where all the colors look good on your eyelids?? I have hazel eyes and really wish I had straight green eyes. I love the copper/rosey shades that play up the green in my eyes and thats exactly what these shades do for me. They’re also deep earthy colors, which to me screams Fall.


Bath and Body Works Candle in Pecan Pumpkin Waffles

The perfect smell for Fall and it is oh my yum. A little goes a long way, too. I only have to have these heavenly candle lit for a few minutes before most of my house smells like it. Another plus for me is the cute design on the outside of it – for whatever reason it is super pleasing to me.


Cocoa Butter Lip Therapy Vaseline (teeny size)

My lips have been so dry the last several weeks. Chapstick is good, but sometimes I need a little extra oomph to get my lips back into gear. I’m feeling extra motivation to keep them soft, too, so when I smother my son with my kisses I’m not scratching him up with my chapped lips! Vaseline is always a good idea and makes my lips feel so good, plus the Cocoa Butter vaseline has a yummy, light smell to it, as well.


Chobani Yogurt

Especially raspberry, peach, strawberry and blueberry. While I was still pregnant the list of things I seemed to be able to eat and keep down got smaller and smaller every day. Yogurt was one, that with the exception of a few weeks in my second trimester, that was able to almost always agree with me. I tried lots of different brands but I always went back to this one.



So I’m a nursing mother. Of course I love this stuff. Unfortunately it doesn’t stop the pain of nursing (like these first few sucks – OUCH) but it really helps the feeling of being chapped after nursing. It is soothing and calming. I’m all for it.



When I first saw these binkies I thought they were so ugly and I didn’t understand the purpose behind them. Then I watched some mommy bloggers continue to use them so decided they couldn’t have been as bad as I thought – so my momma and I ordered two (the giraffe and reindeer) and I’m hooked. I hope Santa will bring Captain another for Christmas. Having the small animal on the end of the binky helps keep the binky  in place which is especially helpful for Captain’s age.



I love these. Everyone told me I would and they were right. They are huge and there is plenty of fabric to wrap my little guy in or just to loosely bunch over him. I have a pack of white swaddles with different blue accents on them (polka-dots, birds, stars, etc) and I love them and how they’re totally a boy-looking item, but still soft and snuggly looking. This particular brand is, Swaddle Designs.


The Little Captain

This one is by far my favorite of all the favorites. Pretty sure he’ll top the list of my favorites every month for the rest of my life. I’m having SO much fun with this handsome little dude. He is my best buddy, he’s such a good, well-behaved baby and he sleeps and eats like a champ. Wild Man and I are so very fortunate to have such an angel. I loooooove him!




The Best Bond

For some reason I always knew that Wild Man and our baby would be BFF’s. Before we even knew that The Captain was a boy, I just knew the baby would be very close to its daddy. Then in June when we found out the little baby in my belly was a boy, it only gave me even more reassurance that they would be thick as thieves. While I was pregnant when Wild Man would talk, our son would wiggle around happily in my stomach. When Wild Man even just touched my big ol’ belly, the baby would dance around. It was always the sweetest thing and I couldn’t wait to see them together face-to-face without my belly separating them.

Now that The Little Captain is here, all of my dreams about seeing him with his daddy and being able to witness their friendship take off have come true. Wild Man and The Captain have the best, sweetest bond.

I think that they established their incredible bond the first night The Captain was born. He had looooong nights in the hospital. He didn’t want to sleep, he was restless and cried for hours on end. I couldn’t get up and walk around so Wild Man would take our son and pace the room, sing church hymns and Christmas songs to him, rock him and pat his bum (one of his biggest comforts for him, now) and I think because of the long nights in the hospital they spent together, The Captain feels so protected, safe and happy when his dad is near. They imprinted this phenomenal love and devotion to one another.

One of my favorite things is when Wild Man gets home from work and Captain hears his voice. His little eyes open wide and he searches the room for his daddy’s familiar face. Then the two of them hang out together all the while melting my heart.

I love my two boys. I’m so thankful I get to be ones wife and ones mommy. I live the luckiest life and I am so honored I get to watch these two with each other.



The Little Captain


Being a mommy is everything its cracked up to be. Having my little boy here is the best thing, ever. Seriously, Wild Man and I can’t quit talking about how lucky we are and about how good of a boy he is. We are probably the luckiest parents in the whole wide world. You know I don’t use real names here – so not only did Wild Man and I have to give our son a real name (which is super cute), but I also had to come up with his blogger name.

The name I have chosen is:

The Captain

Why? Well there are a few reasons. From the second I got pregnant, this baby was calling all the shots. I was sick the whole nine months, I had gestational diabetes, I had back and hip issues, etc. I knew I wanted to choose some sort of name that kind of showed that he was the boss. But I really didn’t want to call him, Boss or Chief…stuff like that. Then the other day, I took a picture of him and he made this cute little winky face. I sent the picture out to my family and my mom called him a ‘little pirate.’ Then I started to notice that he makes this winky, pirate face quite often. So who are the bosses of pirates? Captains. Thus, his name was born. Maybe thats a weird way I got the name, but it works. He’s definitely our Little Captain. He rules our worlds and our worlds completely revolve around him. He’s changed our lives and we love him so very much.



“Sometimes a little thing can be quite important.” -Mary Poppins