2016: New Years Resolutions

Well hello, 2016. You sure came fast!

I’m not going to lie, 2015 was BY. FAR. the best year of my life thus far. I guess having the cutest, sweetest, most perfect angel baby in the whole wide world will do that to your year. In March we got the positive sign on our pregnancy test and in November we welcomed The Little Captain into the world and BOOM – life is perfect. A small piece of me is sad to say goodbye to such a great, miraculous year, but I also love coming into a new year full of new possibilities, adventures and memories to make.

One of my favorite parts of welcoming the new year is making my list of resolutions for myself. I don’t ever finish them all and I forget about them 50% of the time, but I love myself a good list and I really have grand intentions of doing better (but not perfect) at them this year. I want Captain to see that his mom finishes things – so I’m trying hard to be a better example to him this year.

My list is kind of lengthy this year (stressed out emoji face inserted here) but I am determined to be a better version of myself this year and these resolutions will help mea achieve that goal.

Without further ado…


  • Finish What I Start: Another stressed out emoji face should be placed here. I start a lot of things and I finish very few things – I’m going to change that this year.
  • Learn to Play ‘Let It Go’ (from Frozen) on the Piano: I was watching The Mindy Project and Danny plays this song on the piano in an episode and for some reason I totally loved it and want to be able to just sit at a piano and bust out the worlds best known song. I also picture legions of little girls flocking towards me singing the song and thinking I’m totally the coolest person ever because I can play it.
  • Weekly Family Pictures: On my personal instagram I posted a family picture every Sunday of all last year (one of my few resolutions from 2015 I actually accomplished!) and I loved it so much that I’m doing it again this year. It’ll be really fun to see Captain grow in them!
  • Up My Blog Game (& its corresponding social media platforms): I just want to be better and more impressive with all of this.
  • Daily Prayer and Scripture Study: I read somewhere to stay away from setting goals you need to do daily because they’re typically unattainable. But prayers and scriptures are important enough I feel like I need to try my very best to do them daily.
  • Work Out at Least 3 Times a Week: Because I need to tone up this post pregnancy body and it really wouldn’t kill me to be in better shape.
  • Read (at least) One Book to Captain Every Day: I want books to be important to my children. I want my baby to be a smarty-pants and I feel like books will help him with that. And its fun bonding time!
  • Attend the Temple: Originally I put attend the temple once a month, but I admit that goal seemed a little lofty to me because I basically still have a newborn and I know plans like that get a lot more tricky once a baby is in the picture. So I just want to make the temple a goal. I need to go as often as possible. I need those temple blessings in my life and I want to be able to experience the amazing calming, peaceful feeling you receive in the temple many times throughout the year.
  • Love More, Judge Less: I have been trying for the past few months to not be judgmental. Whenever judgmental thoughts enter my mind I’ve set a goal to block that thought out and instead say three things I like/love/admire about the person weather they’re a stranger or someone I know well. Sometimes its hard but man, it makes me feel a lot better.
  • Drink More Water: Because I want to be healthy.
  • Do Daily Yoga: Even if its only 5 minutes. Before I was pregnant and banned from exercise, I did yoga allllllll the time and I miss it like crazy. I’m super excited to incorporate it back into my life!
  • Be a Better Hostess: Why I’m setting this goal for myself, I don’t know. But I just love the idea of being that cute housewife who makes yummy meals for visitors, has a clean, inviting house and is really awesome with making conversation and leaving her guests wanting to come back all the time.
  • Have Better Posture: I don’t know if it was pregnancy or what, but I’ve found I slouch a lot lately. If you ever catch me slouching please call me out on it. I want, no need better, prettier posture.
  • Read and Finish 5 Books: It shouldn’t be so hard to read 5 books, but it is for me for some reason. This will be the year I work hard on that. Maybe (hopefully) I’ll actually read several more.
  • Start a YouTube Channel: This is the goal that terrifies me. I’ve had several people approach me telling me I should start a channel for tutorials, reviews, vlogs, etc. While I’m not entirely sure yet what I would include in this channel, I’m going to start one this year and we’ll just see where that takes me. Eek..
  • Learn CPR & Rescue Breathing (for babies & adults): Because as much as I hate thinking about it – scary things can happen and I want to be prepared.
  • Have Check-Ins with Wild Man: I want to periodically check in with my husband and together, have the two of us evaluate our lives as husband and wife, as parents, as siblings/children, etc. It will be like our way to make sure we are doing well, doing right and on the right track.
  • Celebrate My Family: This year I am going to love and cherish my family 100% more. My cute family is eternal, special and the most important thing to me and it needs to be celebrated. We are talking my immediate family of Wild Man and Captain, and also my family and Wild Man’s family. I’m going to say ‘I love you’ and ‘thank you’ more. I’m going to write more cards, be more helpful and always be a good, good friend to my whole family. Its kind of like my way of saying Thank You to these incredible individuals.

Ok, so that list is really long now that I’m looking at it. But I’m excited to set out on this journey and see what I can do to accomplish these goals!

Happy 2016, everyone! I hope you have an awesome, safe, happy, healthy year!



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