Provo City Center Temple


On Sunday, January 3rd (still weird to me that we are in January 2016 now), my family and I were invited to get an early, private tour of the Provo City Center Temple before the tour becomes open to the public. We had this same incredible opportunity with the Payson Temple last year as well and it truly was unforgettable, so when the invitation was offered for this new temple, there was no way we could say no.

My aunts (my mommas little sister) husbands dad is Elder Kent F. Richards of the Quorum on the Seventy – he is primarily over temples (i’m sure thats a very vague, poor description of his duties) so he is able to give his family private tours of the new temples and we’ve been lucky enough that two have been built in the last two years. My family has been so lucky to have also been invited – THANK YOU RICHARDS FAMILY! We always said the tour of the Payson temple was a once in a lifetime opportunity, but then we were invited to the new Provo one so we were feeling even more grateful. It isn’t everyday you get a private tour of a temple with a member of the Seventy.

Want to know what made the tour of the Provo City Center Temple even more amazing? Not only was it a private tour with Elder Richards, but guess who else was on the tour with us? ELDER BEDNAR! The apostle! It. Was. Amazing. He is a spiritual man. He didn’t even have to say anything and he just overflowed with the spirit so strongly.

Two things happened inside of the temple that I’ll absolutely never forget:
1) When we were in the children waiting room inside of the temple, Elder Richards decided he wanted us all to sing a song. Together our group sang ‘I Love to See the Temple.’ There was an amazing spirit as we sang the song and knowing we were singing alongside an Apostle of the Lord.
2) When we were in the endowment room Elder Richards asked Elder Bednar if he would like to share anything. Elder Bednar was standing in the back, he took a step forward and told us that too often people go to the temple and get so caught up in striving to remember what we see and what we hear. He told us he wished we would all focus more on what we FEEL. Because if we focus on the way we feel, we will see and hear a whole lot more. Council from an Apostle inside an endowment room. It doesn’t get more amazing than that.

…I also gave Elder Bednar a flat tire inside the Brides Room – unfortunately I don’t think I’ll forget that either..



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