Our Morning Playlist

The Little Captain is a big fan of music. He has been since he was growing in my stomach. My very favorite was when we were in church and hymns would be sung and he would wiggle the entire song – happy as a clam. It was the cutest thing. He just barely hit 8 weeks (ack!!) and during those 8 weeks the two of us have been exploring a lot of music and you may think I’m crazy saying my newborn son has songs he loves and songs he doesn’t care for, but I will stand by that statement no matter how silly it sounds.

In the mornings when the two of us are lounging in bed in and out of sleep, getting up, getting dressed then lounging on the couch, we listen to a lot of music. There are certain songs he wiggles and smiles to the entire time. It melts my heart and it clearly makes his very happy, so we finally made a playlist compiled of The Captain’s current favorites – and some of his moms favorites, too, because she’s a tad bit selfish.

The playlist is pretty long, but I wanted to share a bunch, but not all. If you have any suggestions, feel free to share. We’re open to anything that doesn’t include profanity, drug/sex/crime references and I’m feeling like he’s probably too young to be introduced to rap music right now.

Captain & CeeCee’s Morning Playlist

Splash Mountain Medley (from Disneyland’s Splash Mountain): Because, duh. We are a Disney family so obviously some Disney songs have to make it on our playlist. Captain really loves to wiggle and listen intently to this song.

Once Upon a Dream (from Disneyland’s King Arthur Carrousel): Again, a Disney song. There are actually several Disney Park songs, but I’ll just list these two, as I think they’re his two favorites that fall under the Disney category.

Perfect (by One Direction): Okay, I kind of forced this one into the playlist because its my guilty pleasure, but he seems to be liking it more and more every time we listen to it.

Hello (by Adele): Who doesn’t love this song? Its a no brainer..

Sorry (by Justin Bieber): Another one I forced into our playlist, but in all honesty I think The Captain likes the part in the chorus with all the ‘ooooo-ooooo’s’ ….if you know what I’m talking about props to you.

Brave (by Josh Groban): I’m so proud of my son for also loving Josh Groban. Man there is something about his voice..

Sweet Caroline (by Neil Diamond): I played this for Captain one time because Wild Man is a huge Neil Diamond fan and I wanted to see if our baby was too. The answer was yes.

I’m Trying to be Like Jesus (by Mormon Tabernacle Choir): The boy loves church music! Also, this song usually makes me cry. (we have several church songs on our playlist)

Drowning (by Backstreet Boys): This song is timeless. So, so stinkin’ good and I will make sure my son and all my children will always agree with this.

Shut Up and Fish (by Maddie & Tae): This song is catchy and he thinks so too. Yes, its a country song – not everyones cup of tea, but Wild Man and I have always been a fan.

I Got the Boy (by Jana Kramer): Mom added this one to the list. I like it. (I love it. I want some more of it…)

Hide Away (by Daya): Another mom added one. Whenever I hear this song I hope the girls who listen to it feel inspired to look for ‘good boys’…

Tearin’ Up My Heart (by Nsync): I felt it was important to teach my son about my music roots – besides Disney tunes. I forgot how much I love this song.

God Gave Me You (by Blake Shelton): This is me and Wild Man’s wedding song. I’m pretty sure its necessary it makes the list.

Love Train (by The O’Jays): Feel good music for humans of all ages.




One thought on “Our Morning Playlist

  1. I got really into the Disney lullabies when Reese was sick and it would soothe her. They’re on spotify- check them out! They also have lullaby versions of 80s rock songs and popular hits from today. it’s pretty hilarious and awesome.


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