Newborn & Mommy Must-Haves

I haven’t been a mommy a super long time, but I’ve been a mommy ever since my son was born and therefore, I have had to figure out what works and doesn’t work for the Little Captain and myself. We are still in our first several weeks here, but we have been able to find some things we really like and I thought I’d share a few so some of you can try out our favorites – and if you have newborn/baby and mommy must-haves different than mine – please share!! We are always looking for new things to try! After all, neither of us have done this before..

CeeCee’s Mommy Must-Haves

  • Nursing Camisole. You bet this is the first thing on the list. My cute momma found me this nursing camisole (find it here) at Target and I love it. It has an easy to use clasp, its comfy and it gives my funny-shaped tummy a little more structure. (don’t mistake that for thinking i’m feeling pity for my ‘new’ body – I am PROUD of my body and what its done!)
  • Boppy. This is one of those life savers. It looks like half of an inner tube that you wear around the front of your waist when you breastfeed. But Wild Man and I will use this just to help us hold the Captain up when our arms are getting tired. It can also be used when babies get bigger to prop them up in, help them sit in, etc. They come in all sorts of different cute fabrics, too, which makes them that much more fun.
  • Wrap. I have the Moby Wrap in grey. This is fabulous and I know once the Little Captain and I get out of the house more I will use it even more frequently. The few times I’ve used it so far have given me so much piece of mind. Its nice to keep my little guy close to me and know he’s being kept away from a lot of germs (i’m a germaphobic momma), wandering hands and coughs, sneezes and other scary things. Plus, its just really sweet to look down and see your cute little bundle snuggled against your chest.
  • Hand Sanitizer. Or as my cousin calls it, hanitizer. I just said I was a germaphobic momma, so I feel like this one is just super self explanatory. I don’t want germs on my baby!
  • Water Bottle. Its emphasized all the time how important it is to stay hydrated while you’re breast feeding. I’ve found that if I have a water bottle (or sometimes a big cup of water) that is easy to carry around with me throughout the house, I am much more likely to drink all the water I need.
  • Lanolin. Oh chapped, sore, owie nipples (pardon my language). They hurt 98% of the time, but the lanolin helps take the sting out. It doesn’t take the pain away – just makes it better – and for that I am thankful.
  • Naps. Its not something you can buy and unfortunately sometimes its not even something you can make time for, but they make a world of difference. I’m always so grateful for the times when I can squeeze a nap in during my mom duties.

The Little Captain’s Newborn Must-Haves

  • Rock-a-Roo. I’m pretty sure there are millions of different kinds of rockers/swings/etc there are to buy. I bought the Rock-a-Roo (kind of the step down from the MamaRoo but still awesome) and the Captain adores it. It rocks back and fourth at different speeds and it is exactly what the Little Captain needs sometimes to calm him down or put him to sleep. It also has a plug in so you can play music through it. We haven’t really used this, but its probably a really neat feature to some of you, right?
  • Wubbanub. Ok so when I first saw these I thought they were ridiculous. Why the heck would you want your child to have a binky with a weird stuffed animal hanging off of it? Silly. But then I read a little more about them, read other mommy-bloggers opinions of them and…I bought the Captain two before he was born (the giraffe and the reindeer) and Santa was kind enough to bring us him the dog! They’re the only binkys he will use, now. The animal on the end helps keep the binky in his mouth and I’m assuming as he gets older, it will also provide him some entertainment. I love them and so does he.
  • Mittens. The Captain has razor sharp little fingernails no matter their length and if he ever gets the chance, for whatever reason he chooses to take all ten nails and drag them down his poor little face! When he’s mad and has no protection over his hands, his face is 100% guaranteed to get clawed. I love the little mittens you can buy to stick over their hands and protect the babies precious face. On this same note, I love the outfits that have the flaps over the end of the sleeves that also work as nail-protection.
  • Sleeping Gowns. Originally I thought nope – no way was I putting my SON in a DRESS. But guys… Its not a dress. Its a genius design. Most nights the Captain sleeps in one of these nifty outfits. It makes nighttime diaper changes so much quicker and easier – and he just looks really cute and perfect in them.
  • Fuzzy, Warm Blanket. Babies need blankets, obvs. The Little Captain has a vast variety of blankets, but one we particularly love is a fuzzy, warm blanket that he uses daily (when it isn’t being washed). We use it to keep him warm in our house and we use it as a top, warm layer when we load him into his carseat and into the car. And snuggling with his little body when he’s bundled in this fuzzy blanket is wonderful.
  • Wipe Warmer. I didn’t think we’d need one of these. Ok, we don’t need it, but its sure a nice item to have. I keep our wipe warmer next to my bed for nighttime diaper changes. I figure when its the middle of the night and someones stripping you down and wiping you, the least they could do is make sure the wipe is warm, right?
  • Swaddle Blankets. My favorite swaddles are the Swaddle Design swaddles. They are huge and are great for swaddling the Captain up tight or just loosely wrapping him in. Plus the designs on them are adorable.
  • Beanies. For obvious reasons these come in handy, especially when you have a baby in the colder months.
  • Burp Cloths. However many burp cloths you think you need… take that number and double it. Seriously. I keep burp clothes all over the house and even then I feel like there aren’t enough. You just never know when you’ll need one – and need it quick!
  • Play Mat. I didn’t think this would be something I’d already have my son using, but I use it all the time. He loves laying on his back and looking up at the hanging toys and the musical mobile and the pattern on the mat makes tummy time a little more bearable for him.
  • Baskets/Containers. In our living room we have two basket/containers I got for cheap at Target. One holds a bunch of books. I’ve made it a goal to read to Captain at least one book a day so I need them easily accessible. The other holds lots of diapers, wipes and some ointment, should he need it. I like having these things so readily available and having them in cute containers makes me less embarrassed about having them ‘displayed’ in my living room.




One thought on “Newborn & Mommy Must-Haves

  1. Reese still only uses the Wubanubs! And I’m a huge fan of the gowns – I buy them for almost every baby shower I go to because they are just so easy and great!


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