Baby Bath Time

I love giving my son baths. For the first several weeks of The Captains life he absolutely despised bath time but thankfully throughout the last couple weeks he is coming around and is at least tolerating bath time, now. Next step, enjoying bath time! (fingers crossed)

At one of my baby showers my mom and sisters gave me one of my all time favorite baby products I’ve used thus far – the Puj tub. If you’re looking for a great baby bath tub, look no further. Go buy this now – thank me later.


This tub fits into your sink, making it an incredible back saver. It stores flat but when it comes time to use it, it easily folds into its tub shape and props in your sink. Its slide proof, squishy, comfortable and it doesn’t absorb water so your babies warm bath water stays inside the tub for the whole duration of bath time.

I swear by this product. Its absolutely worth the money and I think you’ll think so too.





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