Early in the morning on January 24th my dear, sweet grandpa passed away peacefully after several years of courageously and faithfully enduring lots of pain and illness. Its so hard and sad knowing he is gone, but I cannot help but be so happy for him. Grandpa lived an amazing life and he was ready to go – he’d gladly tell anyone who would listen how ready he was to pass on. I’m so happy to know he is in heaven and he is healthy, happy and feels no more pain and no longer has the physical limitations that held him back during his last years here on earth. Grandpa was one of the kindest, most selfless and HARD working people I knew. He loved to hear stories and loved telling them even more – and he had awesome stories. He loved working in his amazing garden. He loved the outdoors and doing all things manly:) He really liked talking about the weather as well which is why our whole family now really hopes there is weather in heaven.

On the 28th we celebrated grandpas great and exciting life at a funeral that honored him so perfectly. Saying goodbye is never ever easy, but I am SO thankful for the knowledge I have and strongly believe that families can be together forever and I will see grandpa again.

Today is his 85th birthday and I can’t help but feel so blessed today as I think back to what an exceptional example he was and still is to me. I cannot even begin to describe what a good man he was. At his funeral people said so many times that he was a good father, brother, friend, son, etc, but he was an even better grandfather – and as one of his granddaughters I can testify of that. He was phenomenal. I have thousands of wonderful childhood memories because of him. He and grandma lived in Boise, Idaho for a while and I always looked forward to our trips to Boise because grandpa always made sure I had tons of fun. We would work in his garden, go to PoJo’s (an arcade type place), work on projects, go to sports/outdoor stores and play in their tent setups, sing silly songs we made up on the spot and so many more fun things that made my little heart burst with happiness and excitement.

I’m so glad that they moved to Utah too so we were able to see them a lot more often. Grandpa always said he wanted to at least live to see me graduate high school. I feel so blessed that not only was he able to be there at my high school graduation, but also to attend my wedding and see my first born child!

I’m so lucky to have known and loved such a person and cannot wait to see him again. I love you grandpa! Happy Birthday!



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