January Favorites

So did January just FLY by, or what? I mean, didn’t we just celebrate New Years like yesterday? In all honesty its fine by me. January is probably my least favorite month (except for the pretty snow) and I’m super looking forward to February because its going to be a BIG and EXCITING month for my little family (more on that later).

I hope you guys didn’t have your hearts set on a December Favorites post… because that didn’t happen. My baby is cute and sometimes he distracts me from getting things done. I’m trying to improve on this, but I doubt I’ll get any better any time soon.

But I’m not going to neglect January. So here ya go.

January Favorites

NuMe Wand: I love curled hair so I’m always game to try a new curling iron/wand. I bought this 32MM wand several weeks ago and was hooked after my first time using it. It makes these big, loose, bouncy curls and even after they die down after a day or so, your hair still looks good. Love it.


Fuzzy Swaddle: This was a baby shower gift from a dear neighbor. The Captain does NOT like to be swaddled. He is happiest if his arms and legs are free to wiggle, kick and definitely not be confined. This swaddle is perfect for him because while it keeps him warm and wrapped, its long and a little loose so he can still get his wiggling in. Plus its so soft and cozy and very cute.


Boppy: I like the Boppy for nursing obviously, Wild Man likes to use it when he’s holding the baby a long time, but Captain is finally big enough that now I can prop him in it! I use it every morning when I get dressed. I stick him in it on the end of my bed so he can keep an eye on me (which is very important for him). Its such a useful product. I highly recommend it.


It Cosmetics Brow Power Pencil: I’ve never been a fan of brow pencils – I much more prefer the brow gel/wax you put on with a brush, but I decided to take a chance on this pencil and I’m so glad I did. It goes on so easily and its forgiving enough that if you go too dark or bold, you can use the spooly brush on its opposite end and brush it out and make the color soft and natural looking, again.


Moéa Spa Body Body Soufflé Lotion: I use hand sanitizer 1,000 times a day because I’m a paranoid germaphobic mother. This makes my hands annoyingly dry and uncomfortable. My cousin gave me this lotion last year sometime and I’ve used it here and there, but since my baby was born I’ve been using it a lot more often and I’m a believer! Its very hydrating and its scent isn’t so overpowering that it makes you sick.


Lasting Smiles Peppermint Creme Chapstick: I got this in either an Ipsy bag or Birchbox. I. Love. It. This is one of those chapsticks that leaves your lips moisturized for hours!! I definitely recommend checking their website out and ordering one or two (or 10). Plus they are a charity company and for every 1,000 chapstick sold, one child receives the gift of a cleft lip/palate surgery. (order yours here)


Dr. Seuss Board Books: The Little Captain has received many Dr. Seuss board books and we love them. Its so fun to read to your baby and watch them as they notice and study the pictures, but I feel like these pages are so bright and colorful that he likes them that much more. Plus its fun for me to read them because its like a little trip back to my childhood.


‘Bear Rocker’: I don’t actually know what this is called, but its a life saver. A sweet neighbor gave this to us a couple weeks after our son was born because she was done having kids and it was only lightly used. This thing is the best. It rocks and also has a switch that causes the whole rocker to vibrate which is a huge plus for my little guy. He really hates to be put down, but he stays content for quite a while in this!





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