February & Me, Currently


I love February. January isn’t my favorite month at all – probably because its the month after all those holiday months and its just never as exciting as October-December. I love the snow that January (usually) brings and I love the excitement of a new year, new goals and new possibilities but overall its just not my favorite. February is great, though. Its a month full of pink, red, love and it is when I start to feel like I’m finally in the swing of the new year.

Heres to you, February.


I found these monthly blog prompts. They’re just questions for bloggers to answer so its readers can better know the author. I’m in the mood to type aimlessly so this sounded like a fun little activity. Read if you want, ignore if you want, but here we go.


  • Your favorite place: I have a couple favorite places. Home with my family. My parents house or Disneyland/Disney World. They’re all happy places where I am comfortable and feel lots of positivity.
  • A person you admire: My grandma. I have always been close to her but recently I’ve spent a lot more time with her and am able to really see that she is a very near perfect woman and someone I should strive with all my heart to be. She is faithful, positive, selfless, kind, helpful, happy and just has her life together and always has the big picture in mind. She’s just as cool as they come.
  • One thing the world needs more of: Acceptance. No more judgement and trying to change people. I wish more people (myself, included) loved, respected and accepted people for exactly who they were.
  • The best compliment you’ve received: For some reason when people tell me I have pretty skin my heart nearly bursts. But one time a girl I barely knew approached me and told me she had been watching me a while and admired my ‘big heart’ and it really stuck with me/made me want to always act my best because you never know who is watching.
  • What do you need to be content: My husband and my baby.
  • How do you take care of yourself when you are stressed: Crying helps – I swear. Also talking out my ‘stressors’ with my husband, praying, taking deep breaths and trying to rationalize things. Sugar never hurts, either.
  • Five things I want to do less often: Binge eat all the crap in my pantry. Judge people. Sleep in (ha!) Avoid exercise/healthy eating. Neglect my to-do list.
  • Five things to do more often: Make new recipes. Read to my son. Serve my neighbors. Mop my floor. Yoga.
  • Your favorite book: I hate this question. Um… You Are Special. Yep, its a children’s book but its lovely.
  • Three favorite book characters: Hermione Granger. Alice in Wonderland. …and someone else who I just can’t think of. (i wish i were more into books)
  • Destinations you dream of traveling to: All the foreign Disney Parks. Hawaii. New Zealand.
  • Do you work better in the morning or at night: Night. I am not a morning person at all.
  • Your ideal morning routine: Sleep in a little bit, play with/feed my baby, eat breakfast, wash my face and get all cute and ready for the day and watch an episode of my favorite tv show while working on a to-do list or fun blog post. Then lots and lots of baby snuggles.
  • The movie you tell your friends to see: Pirates of the Caribbean. Its been out forever but its still the best.
  • An important quote: “Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious…and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” -Walt Disney
  • What do you want to learn: More about history. Spanish. How to edit videos.
  • A moment you will always remember: The day my son was born and all the feelings, physical and emotional and just the crazy wonderful day that it was. Especially that moment that I pushed him out of me and he was plopped on my chest. In. Cred. I. Ble.
  • One way you can help a friend: Listen and let them know I’m always there to listen. I know thats what I’d want. I get overwhelmed if people try to come fix a problem without my consent.. I like it a whole lot more when I can just talk about whats going on.
  • The best day you had last week: Last week was sad with my grandpas passing and his funeral, but each day I was able to be around the amazing influence of my grandma was pretty spectacular. Saturday we just had a big family day and it was very therapeutic and special.
  • Five things you like about yourself: I’m usually quite positive. I feel like I’m a good mom. My hair. My ability to get along with people and become fast friends. My die-hard passion for my family.
  • A good thing from today: Waking up to my babies smiley face will always be the best thing.
  • An accomplishment you are proud of: I’m proud of myself for taking this motherhood thing head on and feeling like I do a good job. I’m also proud of myself for graduating esthetics school and running my own home spa and keeping up with my skills.
  • A time when someone helped you: I require a lot of help. As much as I wish I was, I’m not very independent. Wild Man and I have a big month ahead of us this month and along the way our parents have been very, very helpful.
  • What are your priorities in life: To always put family first and make sure I’m being good wife, mother, daughter, sister and aunt. I want to do all things for the benefit of my family.
  • Something you don’t understand: Math. Haha. Also, WHY would you ever swim in the ocean at a beach where there has recently been a few shark attacks? You’re just asking to be attacked if you get in that water as far as I’m concerned.
  • Describe the view from your window: I see my car thats covered in snow, a big tree with snow falling off of it and the neighbors dog running around.
  • The last thing that made you laugh: Either a text from Wild Man or a cute sound from The Little Captain.



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