Valentine’s Day

I so wanted to post my V-day post on Valentine’s Day, maybe even before. But obviously that didn’t happen. We have been busy and sometimes that means my blog has to take a backseat – ugh. But hopefully I’m going to be organized enough now where I can post more frequently again. Time will tell..

Our Valentine’s was just lovely. We attended church with Wild Man’s family to be there in support of his dad getting a new calling. Then we went to Wild Man’s families house for several hours. It was my families week for Sunday dinner so then we headed there (a whole five houses away) and I made chicken enchiladas. We had a small little party and exchanged a couple gifts and spent the rest of the evening socializing and enjoying one anothers company.

Wild Man and I opted out of gifts this year. We just dropped some serious money on The Little Captain’s birth and we have another exciting, big purchase (news on that, soon) in our close future so we decided our gifts would be the joy of being with each other and our cute rolly polly baby.


ceecees outfit: button-up: american eagle | skirt: downeast | tights: h&m | shoes: target

wild mans outfit: suit: macys | white shirt: h&m | tie: jcrew | shoes: macys

the captains outfit: button-up onesie: gymboree | blue blanket: gifted | white swaddle: swaddle designs 



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