A Message from the Prophet

Late one night when I couldn’t sleep (thanks postpartum anxiety) and was perusing Twitter, @LDSLivingMag posted a link that caught my attention. Apparently President Monson had a message that every woman in the church needed to hear. Obviously I clickd on it because I was needing a little extra oomph in my attitude and self-love. As per usual, the Prophet delivered a sweet, uplifting message and I’d like to declare that not only do women in the church need to hear this, but all women, even if you aren’t LDS, need this message in your life.

The world is hard on women. According to media, we are just never good enough and always need to be working harder, doing better, getting skinnier, cooking better, cleaning more, being a better mother…basically just be perfect. So in light of all that that crap, this was a very refreshing message.

“Sometimes, my dear sisters, you feel inadequate and ineffective because you can’t do all that you feel you should. Rather than continually dwelling on what still needs to be done, pause occasionally and reflect on all that you do and have done. It is most significant. The good you have done, the kind words you have spoken, the love you have shown to others, can never be fully measured.” -Thomas S. Monson 



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