February Favorites

This has been a crazy month. I have been so busy and my stress has been maxed out on multiple occasions. I’m actually very excited to welcome March because its (hopefully) going to be much more calm and stress-free. Although I was busy and distracted this month, I was still able to find some favorites.

February Favorites

Infantino Baby Carrier: This was another baby shower gift that I’m loving. Its different than those wraps that look like a long piece of fabric (which I also love) but just as handy. As we have been packing our house and needing to be consistently productive, The Little Captain has not liked being set down for very long so this carrier has been the perfect solution to that problem. He gets to feel like I’m holding him and I still have two free hands. You can find one here. (also don’t mind this dirty mirror selfie and the half packed bedroom behind us – but how cute is my bb staring at himself in the mirror??)


Quote: Can a favorite be a quote? I vote yes. This is a quote from the Primary song, I’m Trying to be Like Jesus. Its one of my favorite songs and I sing it to my son quite often. I found this quote on the instagram page: @havejoy_therapy & I’m obsessed with it.


Baby Old Navy Sweat Pants: I ordered several pairs of these from Old Navy for The Little Captain before he was born. I ordered them based off how cute I thought they were in the pictures and now that he’s here and I am able to dress them in him I am always total heart-eyes when he wears them. There is something about my little guy in a good ol’ pair of comfy pants that make me happy. They’re comfy, cute just what I hoped for.


Eyeshadow Primer: I got this product in an Ipsy bag or Birchbox, I can’t remember for sure. Its heaven in a tube. It is the Thank Me Later eye shadow primer form Elizabeth Mott. I love the formula and the light color it leaves on my eyelids. It also rocks at keeping my eyeshadow on all day long. This is something I hugely recommend.


Naked Juice: I want to be a healthy human. I have to make this life change in baby steps and I figured starting with Naked Juice would be a good idea. I love all the different flavors it comes in and how good it makes me feel. One of  my favorite things is reading all the ingredients on the side of the bottle – that is what makes me feel extra healthy. They’re a little pricey, yes, but its worth it to me.


IKEA Water Bottle: How cute is this? I found this at a trip to IKEA with my mom, grandma and baby and for $2 I couldn’t pass it up.


What were some of your favorites in February?







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