Spiritual Sunday: Direction is Better Than Speed


I don’t know if its this way for everyone, but for me at least, its easy to get discouraged when it comes to progressing spiritually. There are times where I am rocking it. I’m not just reading my scriptures, I’m studying them, I’m not saying simple prayers, I’m putting my heart, soul and lots of faith into them, I read General Conference talks, daily, I enforce Family Home Evening in my home once a week, I encourage family prayer and scripture study and just feel like I’m doing everything right. But then there are times where I’m so spiritually lazy. It isn’t because my testimony has faltered at all, I have ill feelings towards the church or don’t agree with something the church has said or asked me to do… Its just that I can truly be lazy. I go days without reading my scriptures, my prayers are short and routine. I know I can do better — so much better, in these instances.

Lately whenever I feel as if I’m not doing the 10,000 things I need to do in order to be a good member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints, I have found the quote from Larry R. Lawrence to be incredibly helpful and assist in putting things back into perspective for me and giving me hope and a boost I need. The quote says, “To Him, our direction is more important than our speed.” I am so thankful Elder Lawrence was inspired to say this phrase in General Conference because it has lifted me up on so many occasions since then. Maybe I am not progressing at lightning speed or as fast as whoever I am currently comparing myself to or even half as fast as them, but as long as I am not standing still or doing nothing at all, I’m still headed the right direction! And that is enough for Heavenly Father.



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