54321: Lazy Monday Edition

5 things I’m loving: 1. My Disneyland hoodie – comfy, warm but lightweight, full of Disney magic. 2. Carpet – in our old house we primarily had tile and having all this carpet, especially in our living room, is heaven. 3. Aussie Bites – they’re delicious, healthy and filling (from Costco) and I am all heart-eyes for them. 4. Lysol/Clorox Wipes – I have full faith that the people who lived in this house before us were very clean, but I’m still a germaphobic human and I just feel good and accomplished by sanitizing all the things. 5. YouTube make up tutorials!

4 things on my mind: 1. I really hope I’m not called into primary in this new ward – the thought of primary with a baby terrifies me. 2. I miss Disneyland and it truly shocks me we haven’t taken the baby there yet. 3. I wonder how hard it would be to start an online business/store. 4: I love having our mailbox right outside our front door.

3 goals: 1. Get all of our clothes put away, finally. 2. Decide if I’m going to cut my hair or not. 3. Visit my cute elderly neighbor across the street who I’m pretty sure is going to be one of my BFF’s.

2 baby things: 1. The Little Captain is SO close to rolling over and I can’t tell if its more exciting for me or him. 2. I know there are lots of opinions about co-sleeping, but I love it.

1 magical moment: On Sunday (the 6th) we attended our new ward for the first time. We only went to Sacrament Meeting because we had some family stuff to attend after, but I really love our new ward. Its exciting and feels good. There are so many kids in the ward so I really feel like we are going to fit in and if my little guy gets noisy, he will blend right in and I won’t have to feel awkward about it. Also I really love our bishopric and feel as if they genuinely love us and care about us, already.



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