Swaddle Designs Review & Giveaway!

If you have a baby or are expecting a baby, you already know, or you’ll quickly learn how AMAZING and necessary swaddling your little one is. My son refuses to have his arms swaddled but he loves being swaddled from the armpits down and as of late, he loves having his swaddle in his fist and sucking on it for hours on end. I have tried a few different brands of swaddles and have always gravitated towards SwaddleDesigns. These swaddles are adorable, come in several darling designs, are very lightweight, large enough to swaddle a baby easily and also come in handy as makeshift nursing covers – something I particularly love. You cannot go wrong with a SwaddleDesigns swaddle, guys.


courtesy of swaddle designs

SwaddleDesigns is well known for their great quality products and the love both parents and babies have for them. They are respected in the medical community and are even recommended by pediatricians. These cute and cuddly blankets are made from high quality cotton and my personal favorite thing about them – they get softer every time you wash them! (insert heart eyed emoji here)


Another awesome quality about these muslin swaddles are the 1-2-3 Swaddle pictorial instructional label tagged on each swaddle. Its a quick step by step process on how to swaddle your little one. I received four SwaddleDesign swaddles before my son was born and my husband and I were so excited about them, we even (using a bigger blanket) practiced swaddling each other using the pictorial instructions because we were that excited! (you can learn for yourself how to swaddle by clicking here)


I love the size of these swaddles, how comfortable and lightweight they are and the adorable different designs and colors they come in. There are so many different swaddle companies to choose from, but SwaddleDesigns is without a doubt the company I will stand by with all of my children.


SwaddleDesigns and I have teamed up to do a giveaway!

One lucky winner will receive one muslin swaddle of their choice from SwaddleDesigns! Make sure you enter for your chance to win and watch them become a staple baby product of your own! (visit their site to choose your favorite design!)

Enter on my Instagram page: @ceeceesparkles 

Feel free to follow SwaddleDesigns on Twitter and Instagram: @SwaddleDesigns and on Facebook and Pinterest! Also on their website you can sign up for emails to get the inside scoop for special offers, promo codes and for great deals off regularly priced items.




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