The Weekend

No, this is not a post about the musical artist, The Weeknd. It is about my families weekend. Just thought I’d clear that up.

I live in Utah County and in Utah County is a city called, Provo. Provo had one LDS temple that is always very busy and has high, high attendance. A while ago during General Conference it was announced that a second LDS temple was going to be built in Provo and this one would be called the Provo City Center Temple! It was such exciting news and it’s been really neat to watch the process of the creating of the beautiful temple. The building was once the Provo Tabernacle, but a few years ago it burned down. Then it was announced that it would become the new temple. They saved all they could from the burned building and it is truly a breathtaking House of the Lord.

Saturday evening was the Cultural Celebration for those in the Provo City Center Temple area. All the stakes that would be in the district of the new temple had tickets and were able to watch an amazing show put on my the youth (ages 12-18) in those wards. My two little sisters were able to take part in it and it made it all the more special to us. That was a once in a lifetime opportunity for them and I’m so excited they had that chance!

It was hard to get good pictures of the performance, but one of my sisters had her picture taken and posted on a website!



The next day (Sunday) was the Temple Dedication! There are three sessions throughout the day. Children under the age of 8 are not allowed so Wild Man and I took turns watching The Captain while we went to different sessions. Wild Man went at 9am and ended up sitting with my mom and sister, then I went at 12 and sat with his brother and his cute family. It was so nice and was a good reminder for me of just how special these temples are.

The rest of our Sunday was very relaxing. We spent a few hours just the three of us at home then went to Wild Man’s house, then to my families house.

We also made the decision that it was a Disney shirt kind of day:)


Hope you all had a happy weekend and will have a great week!



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