21 Days Forms a Habit: Day Two

It has been four months since I had my baby boy and I am finally ready to take getting back into shape seriously. I was fortunate enough to shrink back to my pre-baby body quickly after delivery, but I certainly do not feel the same both physically and mentally. I am squishy, gooey and my endurance is gooooone. At first the excuse to be lazy was really nice, but I’m over that now. I’m ready to be active, healthy and back in shape.

You hear all the time that 21 days forms a habit. On April 1st I started my 21 day experiment to see if I really can get the habit of daily exercise back (and thats no April fools day joke). Hopefully then I’ll be in the habit and on my way to my new and improved, healthy and active self. Though this challenge began yesterday, the 1st, I’ve exercised here and there before then, but I’m going to be much more diligent about it this time. My goal is to get at least a half hour of good, sweaty exercise in each day, hopefully some yoga (because yoga is heaven) and to eat healthier which unfortunately means cutting out a large portion of the sweets I so easily gobble up. (boo)

My plan is to periodically check back on the blog so you guys/I can hold myself accountable for these goals I am setting. I’m not sure how much change in my body I will be able to see in just 21 days, so hopefully these goals aren’t too far fetched but…


  • Have a better booty (yep, thats my first goal absolutely)
  • Have a little less goo in my belly
  • Have a bit of definition in my arms
  • Feel better about my thighs
  • Have more energy

I also took some before pictures I planned on sharing, but I’ve since decided against that. Maybe you can see the after shots. Maybe.

Wish me luck! And feel free to give me any advice (or words of encouragement!)




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