I have always loved April. Its such a pretty, happy, colorful month and it means warm weather is finally coming – no matter how slowly.

This April I have big plans. I’m going to rock the whole stay at home mom thing. Our house is going to be clean and I’m eager to try some new techniques and products on our home. I am going to make new recipes and experiment with flavors. The Little Captain and I are going to have so much bonding and play time and if its warm enough, we’ll go on lots of walks. I’m going to be a big support system for Wild Man – he is a busy guy and never complains and I take that for granted, I’m going to help him however he may need and be a listening ear for him should he need it. He’s my best friend and I’m not going to let him forget it this month.

General Conference started yesterday and continued on to today. I love Conference. It gets more and more special and meaningful every six months. I came into this General Conference with a few things I hoped to hear about and learn about. I wanted to learn how to be a better mother and wife, I wanted to learn about how to become more humble, I wanted to hear how to deal with anxiety and fear and I wanted to learn how to cut out envy/pride. So far (obviously) its giving me all the guidance I wanted and then some. If you want to read/watch some of the Conference talks (which I highly suggest you do) you can find them here.

If you read one of my earlier posts (here) about my 21 day exercise challenge, then you know that I’m also going to be healthier this month. I said that last month and killed that dream pretty quickly, but I’m serious about it this month. Promise.

Also I’m decorating the house this month. Its going to finally be personalized house that we are going to be proud (er) of and I can’t wait to show it off once its all done! Here is hoping it all plays out the way I want it to.


I hope all of you have a lovely April!



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