March Favorites

I forgot about March Favs. I was supposed to post this on the 28th.  You guys. I’ve got all these big plans for finally personalizing our house and decorating it and making it unique to us and it is consuming all my thoughts, dreams and excitement. April is the month when I’m going to make this house ours and its going to be epic. Ok, we’re getting off topic…

March Favorites – They are so random this month. I’ve just thrown together some stuff, but they are things The Little Captain and I genuinely do like. Feel free to make fun of me. This post is already a mess anyway!

Lets start with my little man. He has two favorites from March.

Nuk Binkies

I don’t know what these are really called. They feel exactly like the Soothie/Wubbanub but they’re the Nuk shape. I’ve noticed my son hasn’t been loving on his Wubs/Soothies like he once did so I grabbed a few other brands/shapes and he’s dominating this one! Keeps it in like a champ and I feel like he genuinely likes these.


Mickey Mouse

My parents gave him this for Easter and it was a win. It makes the crinkle noises, it rattles, theres rings to grab and chew on, his nose may as well be a binkie and he’s easy to hold. Its like the toy of his dreams.


Now its me time. Here are my insanely random items.


LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this. Love this. This is my favorite favorite of all my favorites this month. This cleanser makes me feel like a princess and I want everyone to feel my soft, happy face after using. This is the pūr~lisse, pūr~delicate gentle soy milk cleanser and makeup remover. Its heaven. This is the first cleanser I’ve ever used (& i’ve used many a cleanser) that literally feels like silk and makes my face feel the same. Oh my gosh. Pricey, yes. Worth it, absolutely.


Shadow Crayon

I got this in an Ipsy Bag or Birchbox, I can never remember. But I like it! Its LOC Tati. Its a pretty, neutral, shimmery color and it stays really well! Its nice to use when you’re just wanting to throw on some color over your whole lid but not take lots of time.



This is a Real Techniques Sculpting brush I use for my contour. The shape, the firmness of the bristles, the duo fiber-ness. Its glorious and highly recommended from me to you. Its also affordable so theres no reason we shouldn’t all own one.


iPad Game

Haha, am I a nerd or what? This is a Disney (disney for LIFE) called Magic Kingdoms. This is my nursing game. I play it always when I nurse. Basically you’re saving Magic Kingdom from Maleficent. I’m sure this isn’t everyones jam, but its mine and I’m not even embarrassed to say it.



Obviously. But lately Vanilla Diet Coke’s have really been speaking to my soul and providing me with lots of happiness, joy and peace.




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