The Motherhood Project: Brittney

“It was very nerve wracking being wheeled in for a c section but I would have done absolutely anything to get my sweet girl here healthy & very much alive.”

Name: Brittney | Child: Brynlie


Did you enjoy your pregnancy?: I was incredibly blessed to have such a great pregnancy that rarely slowed down my everyday life. I was able to work up until the day I was sent to the hospital to be induced. I love having Brynlie here with me of course, but sometimes I miss feeling her kicks in my stomach. It was such an amazing thing to be apart of. Women are freaking awesome. I’m very much looking forward to being pregnant again.

How was your delivery experience?: Brynlie wasn’t finished primping so she decided to stay in my belly for an extra eight days before I was sent to the hospital to be induced due to high blood pressure. I applaud women who are strong enough to deliver a baby “all natural” but that epidural was literally the best thing in life. A few hours into my labor Brynlie’s heart rate started dropping rapidly & quite often any time they tried to roll me to my right side. I was in labor for 9 hours & then was taken in for an emergency c-section. Come to find out the reason her heart rate was dropping was because the cord was wrapped so tightly around her neck & if we had continued with labor the nurses said there was a huge chance she would have not made it. While a c-section was not what I was planning on I was very confident in my doctor as well as the nursing staff. It was very nerve wracking being wheeled in for a c section but I would have done absolutely anything to get my sweet girl here healthy & very much alive.

What’s your biggest struggle when it comes to being a mom?: Brynlie is a very good baby but of course she has her days. Sometimes when she is in a mood it’s really hard to balance her & work at the same time. I work for my parents & get to bring Brynlie with me to work every day which is so amazing but sometimes when we are slammed & all she wants to do is be held. It can be a little overwhelming but then she does something adorable then I am reminded it’s all worth it.

What’s your biggest strength when it comes to being a mom?: I feel like for the most part I am very patient. NOT ALL THE TIME. There are some times I defiantly need to work on it. But I feel like for the most part I can deal with a tired, hangry baby without being frustrated & ending up in tears. I have also developed a super power when it comes to being a mom. I can kiss those sweet cheeks for hours & never get sick of it. BOOM.

What is your parenting style?: I feel like I am pretty laid back when it comes to parenting. I don’t just leave her in a room by her self to let her run wild by any means but I don’t mind if she is being passed around at Sunday dinner, or yell at people they are holding her wrong. I was told many time within the first few weeks of being a mom that I’m a very calm first time mother. I love for her to interact with people whether it’s handing her off to a friend or trying to get her to smile at the cashier at Target when we are checking out. I know there will be a time when she is a worried about stranger danger but I want her to be social so I really try to get her around other often.

What is your favorite part of the day with your child/children?: Every morning when I wake up to the sound of baby babbles from the monitor in my room. (it is the best) I always walk into her room as quietly as I can so I can watch her playing with her blanket, tapping her binky against her crib or getting her foot stuck in the crib bars. When I finally poke my head over the railing she give me THE BIGGEST, SWEETEST, MOST HEART WARMING SMILE. It is the best start to my day.

Who is an inspiration to you when it comes to motherhood?: My mother has helped me so much since I found out I was pregnant. I pretty much went to her with every little question I ever had & still have. She hasn’t had a baby in 14 years but somehow she still knows everything. I am also blessed with a lot of incredible friends who are mothers who are great examples of what motherhood is/should be. I felt pretty prepared for mother hood (if you can ever really be prepared) because I have had such great examples to look up to.

Advice for fellow mothers who need a little boost?: You are doing just fine. If some days your kids hair isn’t done of heaven forbid they throw a tantrum in a public place just know that you are doing a great job. Sometimes you just really need a break, even if it is 5-10 minutes. Don’t feel guilty when you feel like that. It is still something I struggle with but honestly taking sometime for yourself will help you be a better mother/wife/friend/human.

Where is your favorite place to shop for yourself? Favorite place to shop for your child/children?: TARGET is hands down my favorite place for the both of us & really hope that someday soon Spanish Fork will get a Target. I could spend countless hours roaming their isles. “Do I need a new bathroom garbage can? No, I came in here for a bounce sheets but I ended up over here in the Bed & Bath section so I should probably buy it as well as the 37 other things I now have in my cart.”I also love Old Navy, TJ Maxx, & Baby Gap. (clearance or when they have amazing sales)

What’s one product for yourself you can’t live without? Favorite product for your child/children?: One of the things I look forward to the most is getting all my make up of, getting my contacts out, & rubbing my eyes. hahaha So weird but I love it. It would have to be a tie between my Neutrogena Make Up Wipes & my Clarisonic. I look forward to washing my face & getting in bed to watch some TV when the day is over. It feels so good to have a fresh clean face. For Brynlie it has got to be her walkers. We have one at home & one at work. I put her in one of those things & man she RUNS around. She loves it & it makes it so much easier to be able to get stuff done.

How has being a mom changed your life?: Being a a mother has changed my entire world. I never knew how much love my heart could hold for one person. I love my husband, my family & friends, but literally nothing comes close to how much I love that little girl. She had made me a more compassionate, loving person. She bring me so much joy & give me purpose in life. Being her mother is my true calling in life. If all I ever do, or become is a great mother & friend to her then that will be enough for me. Becoming a mother also taught me how much my Heavenly Father loves me. That heart warming, limitless, endless, unconditional love I have for my daughter is how he feels about me.

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