21 Days Forms a Habit: Day 9

One week down…and you guys? I haven’t missed a day working out! This is exciting considering I’ve always been one to fail at an exercise goal on day 2 or 3. Exercising is kind of empowering I’m learning – and its really fun when you’re doing your workout and your baby is watching and laughing hysterically at you. (thats honestly probably my biggest motivation to work out daily)

I’ve mostly done workout videos I’ve found on YouTube paired with daily walks. Oh and yoga in the morning (most mornings). My videos have consisted of Jen Widerstrom work outs, Jillian Michaels workouts, TaeBo and some other lady who’s name I can’t remember.. BodyFit with Amy? Something like that. I’ve been able to put in at least 45 minutes a day, but usually have been able to go even longer. I’ve been gross, sweaty and out of breath by the end of each work out, too, so I think that means its working. I’ve also been sore every day. Definitely my least favorite part of working out, but at least its a sign that muscles have been worked.

Here is what I’ve learned so far after 9 days of this journey.

  • Wearing cute exercise clothes is an easy way to get the added motivation to get off the couch and sweat a little while
  • You can work out with your baby. Hold them while you squat and lunge, sit them on your chest/stomach during crunches, etc. Its an awesome added weight and if your baby is like mine, they’ll love every second of it
  • Its ok to be pretty sure you look like an absolute dork while working out – at least you’re doing it
  • Working out with friends distracts you from sore muscles and is also a fun time to catch up and chit chat
  • My arms are unfortunately even weaker than I originally thought they were
  • But I have much better endurance than I thought I would! What they say is true – hauling a baby/carseat around does build your endurance
  • You can squeeze in small workouts throughout your day – no excuses. Do squats and lunges in the kitchen while you’re making dinner, hold a wall-sit while you brush your teeth, do jumping jacks while you watch tv, etc.
  • There really is an endorphin high at the end of workouts and an awesome feeling of accomplishment and pride once you’re done. It kind of makes the 45+ minutes of horrible exercise worth it

I’ll be checking in again, soon!



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