Inside Out

Yesterday my baby didn’t take a nap. Though he had moments of intense crankiness, he was surprisingly happy and calm the whole day. He’s an awesome go-with-the-flow baby like that. Lucky us, right? Today we are making up for yesterdays lack of sleep by having a mellow, sleep/eat whenever the heck you want day. Its nice. Its recharging both of our batteries and whats better than a snuggly, happy baby sitting on your lap? We have been playing with toys, looking out the window and getting real excited when cars (especially loud ones) drive by. We have been watching Disney Junior, practicing our rolling and are making each other laugh. This is a pretty perfect day. We also watched a movie that has been a favorite of mine since seeing it in theaters. Inside Out. Have you seen it? If you have not I expect all of you to stop reading immediately and go watch it. K, not really, but you should see it soon. Its bright, funny and has a great message. And its Disney Pixar so right there you’re guaranteed a good film.


Back to that great message part… I love the message of this movie. There are a few messages I feel like, but the one that spoke most to me today was that its ok to be sad sometimes. Being sad is part of life. Its an inevitable emotion and as hard as it is to wrap our minds around the fact, it really is ok – maybe even good – to feel some sadness now and again. This was pretty powerful for me today as I watched the movie with my wiggle little guy. I think after having a baby I expected life to be lollipops, rainbows and constant smiles all the time. And while admittedly its usually that, it isn’t all the time. I still get sad regardless of having my incredible growing family. And its ok. I forget that too much. If I’m sad I think automatically I feel like I’m failing. The main character in Inside Out, Joy, feels this way too during most of the movie. She does all she can to make sure Sadness (another character) doesn’t have any part in Riley’s (the girls brain they live inside) life whatsoever. When I first saw the this movie it was like yeah, keep Sadness far and away from any of Riley’s memories and day-to-day life moments. No one needs sadness. Shoo, shoo. But as the movie progresses and Joy and Sadness are off on their adventure, learning lots about how all of our emotions play together and are needed to make a person normal and functional, you see pretty obviously that even sadness is crucial in living a balanced, dare I say happy life.

Hopefully this is a boost to more people than just me. I sat there on my couch and cried a little bit because this animated movie just taught me a life lesson thats way important. I don’t have to be happy 24/7. I’m not a failure if sadness, anger, disgust or fear (among other emotions) creep into my thoughts. Its impossible to only have Joy at the controls in our brain. Sadness will be at the helm sometimes. Anger will take the wheel occasionally. Disgust will pop up and take over sometimes and don’t I know it, Fear is always right there ready to take over control any time another emotion isn’t actively working in my brain. Maybe sometimes a couple of my emotions are off on daring and courageous journeys, learning insightful life lessons so I’ll be feeling a lack of those specific emotions and feeling a whole lot more of the other emotions who stayed at my brains control panel. But if I’m super lucky, all of my emotions are up in my brain working hand in hand. And all that emotional madness, no matter how smoothly its working or how crazy it is, is what makes me me! And thats ok!

Bravo, Disney and Pixar for this movie (and all other movies past, present and future because you’re the bomb) and taking on such important topics. Slow clap for you and all the kissy-faced emojis.

Also, if I relate to any of the Inside Out characters most strongly, its totally Fear. It is what it is…



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