The Motherhood Project: Lara

“Becoming a mom has made my life 100X more meaningful.”

Name: Lara | Children: Harvey 2, Finn 9 months


Did you enjoy your pregnancy?: I really did enjoy both of my pregnancies. I was hardly sick at all with either one. Of course it gets uncomfortable towards the end, and you would much rather be holding that sweet baby in your arms, than in your ribs, but I’ve always really enjoyed the magic of feeling your baby wiggle and kick around inside.

How was your delivery experience?: I had an epidural with my first, and a natural birth with my second. Loved certain things about both, but there was something special about doing it natural for sure. My recovery from Finns birth was physically AMAZING. But I definitely suffered with PPD for a solid 3 months at least. That combined with Finn being colicky, combined with adjusting to two children… Life was hard for a little while. My advice to anyone who goes through this is honestly just to pray. Ha it’s one of those things that you can’t do much about. You just play the waiting game and try to look for every ounce of positivity you can. My awesome older sister knew I was going through a rough time and brought me a “bucket of sunshine” one day (treats, cozy socks, more treats and the perfect quote from Elder Holland) “Believe in God and yourself. You’re doing better than you think you are” If you know new moms going through this (or new moms in general) little things like this are GOLD.

What’s your biggest struggle when it comes to being a mom?: My biggest struggle is probably expecting too much out of my kids. More specifically my two year old. I think it’s very important to hold your children to a high standard. But sometimes I forget that he has literally only been on this earth for 2 years, and has a lot to learn. Sometimes I hold him to the standard of a child much older and expect him to be patient, kind, and well behaved at all times and sometimes feel myself getting upset when he breaks down and acts, well, two.

What’s your biggest strength when it comes to being a mom?: I think my biggest strength is probably just love. As cheesy as that sounds, I don’t think my kids will ever question my love for them. I like to make sure that no matter how busy the day is, I get solid, one on one time with each child. Just time to connect. Whether that means cuddling and reading a pile of books, having tiny conversations with mommy and daddy giraffe, or sitting at bedtime and just talking and laughing about the day.

What is your parenting style?: The go-go-go mom. I like to start the day with breakfast and getting dressed and then we are out the door. I am a major planner so I normally have the bag all packed and everything ready for whatever activity we are doing the night before. (OCD I know) Our favorite activities lately are Thanksgiving point museums and farm, picnics at the duck pond, the Library and Kangaroo Zoo. I’m looking forward to warmer weather when we can just go on walks and hang out at the park. (Simplify right?) 😜

How has being a mom changed your life?: How has it not changed my life? Becoming a mom has made my life 100X more meaningful. It has made me appreciate MY mother so much. When I’m cleaning up crumbs off the floor for the 15th time that day, or carrying a car seat and groceries and gripping tiny hands down the stairs, I think of my mom often, and how much work she put in to raise me and my siblings. I’ve learned to really appreciate the ME time, and the date nights with my husband. Most of all I think it’s just made me so incredibly happy. I can’t think of anything that could put a smile on my face more than my two sweet guys. (Well, 3) 😉 Being a mom is the bomb.

*If you have anyone you’d like to nominate to be featured on the blog (yourself included) send me their email or phone number and I will contact them/you!

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