What I Watch

When I got pregnant with H I was pretty much instantly sick. I threw up all the time and eventually was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. Feeling nasty like this all the time and having the tell tale exhaustion that accompanies pregnancy led to lots of time spent on the couch. After H was born I spent hours upon hours on the couch while he nursed. When he was teeny tiny I swear he nursed 95% of his day and slept the other 5%. Now days though we only nurse a little bit less, I still find myself planted in front of the television a lot. When H plays on the floor, rolling around, squealing and slobbering all over his toys, I really like to get down and play with him and I usually do, but sometimes the tv still calls my name. I’m sort of embarrassed to admit that H has also taken on his moms love of a good tv show. His personal favs are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Winnie the Pooh.

Before pregnancy I really didn’t watch a ton of tv. I’d watch some CSI and other murder mystery shows and the occasional episode of The Office and I was/am a die hard Parks and Rec fan. But that was pretty much it.

Now days I watch a lot less scary stuff. Actually like no scary stuff. Mostly because I’ve always been a worrier and since having my son I’ve become SO much more of a worrier so murder mysteries really terrify me these days. Also zombie stuff is awful. I watched Walking Dead with Wild Man for a while and I always had nightmares about zombies and although I know an apocalypse won’t happen – I’m utterly terrified of zombies.

I’m a much bigger fan of light-hearted, funny stuff nowadays.

So here is what I’ve been watching lately (besides Disney Junior and Disney movies):

  • Parks and Rec: Still. Forever and always. Because its amazing and the best tv show. Leslie Knope is incredible and I want to be a friend like Ann, and Ron Swanson and Andy Dwyer kill me. It doesn’t matter how many dozens of times I’ve watched an episode, I literally lol at every episode and feel happier after watching.
  • Dancing with the Stars: I cannot dance. Not at all. So watching people who can dance so amazingly is absolutely fascinating to me.
  • Once Upon a Time: The latest seasons are definitely not the best (i actually pretty much hated the Frozen season) but I am still hooked and am liking this recent season a little more and am really hoping it picks up again. Also, Killian/Captain Hook.
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: I started watching this because I chose to conform. Everyone on Twitter was talking about the show so I reluctantly gave it a go. For some reason I had a bad attitude about it and was sure I’d not get into it, but alas, I am addicted and I love it love it.
  • The Mindy Project: Same story as Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I like this show but I don’t love it. Sometimes its kind of depressing to me. And lots of sexual talk which isn’t my jam. But its good and I’ll keep watching.
  • The Office: This show is a classic. I love Jim and Pam and Michael is so painfully awkward that he just sucks you in. This is another feel-good show that I am not going to stop watching like ever.
  • New Girl: You guys, I love this show. I want to be Jess. (Zooey Deschanel is darling). I just love how positive and happy Jess is and how true to herself she is. The story lines in this show crack me up.
  • Modern Family: Wild Man and I watch this one together and without fail we laugh our heads off every time. Phil is my favorite, obviously.
  • Ridiculousness: This is an awesome show to watch if you’re just in the mood to laugh hysterically and wonder why some people are so crazy.
  • Friends: Classic. I love Friends. I feel like this needs no explanation. This is another one I’ll be watching forever and always.
  • Survivor: This show gets a little confrontational and that makes my skin crawl, but I love watching the challenges and rooting on my favorite contestant.
  • Amazing Race: This is my favorite reality tv show. I will never be brave enough to sign up to be on Amazing Race, so I love watching it and wondering how well I’d do on Road Blocks and challenges and such. I’ve officially watched every season now and I will watch it until it ends.

What shows do you watch? Any recommendations? I just don’t like the scary/graphic stuff..



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