The Motherhood Project: Caitlin

“It’s such an amazing moment to see your baby stack a block for the first time—or hearing your 3 year old use that big word you used yesterday and feeling like the proudest mom ever.”

Name: Caitlin | Children: Lincoln 4, Isaac 1

Did you enjoy your pregnancy?: I loved my first and liked my second. My first pregnancy was new and exciting! I didn’t have any nausea, throwing up, or pains. It was easy and the anticipation of being a mom made it so fun.

My second was similar in the sense that I didn’t feel sick, but I had a toddler at home and running after a tiny human at any stage in a pregnancy is difficult. I know I did my best and I definitely have some awesome memories with my little guy during those 9 months; but, I also spent a lot of days wishing the pregnancy would be over soon instead of enjoying it.

How was your delivery experience?: My first was complicated, unexpected, and scary. I ended up in the hospital at 36 weeks with contractions that we quickly found out were putting baby in distress. The baby was completely tangled up in his umbilical cord and every contraction was cutting off his oxygen supply. I had a super quick emergency C-Section which totally threw me off (trust me when I say hearing a doctor say “emergency” during delivery is terrifying) It was a very stressful few hours but our baby boy was born 100% healthy and happy—he didn’t even spend time in the NICU! I have decided he just needed to come into the world with a big scene.

My second delivery was a planned C-Section and such an awesome experience. We decided early on that we wouldn’t risk another cord issue and a repeat C-Section was the best way to go. I was actually looking forward to it, knowing I wouldn’t have to go through labor. 10 days before my scheduled delivery date (at 38 weeks pregnant) I went into labor on my own. I was taken directly into surgery which was so laid back and relaxed—a TOTAL change from my previous delivery. The doctors laughed and told jokes with my husband as they were cutting me open. The mood in the room was so light and fun, it made the whole thing so great. I was given the opportunity to have skin-to-skin time right after he came out and I spent about an hour holding him and nursing him. I even held him as they wheeled me back to my room after surgery. It was such a happy experience and I feel like telling the world that C-Sections don’t have to be negative.

What’s your biggest struggle when it comes to being a mom?: Patience. Everyone thinks I’m a patient person, but I can lose it quickly. I yell easily and I don’t like that. It’s frustrating to tell your child five times to do or not to do something and they just don’t listen. However, I’m learning patience day-by-day thanks to being a mom and I know it will only continue to get better.

What’s your biggest strength when it comes to being a mom?: I think I do a pretty good job keeping my house and family in some type of order. Teaching children order, cleanliness, and structure can help them in every stage of life. I spend time each day teaching my kids the importance of cleaning up after themselves and why it’s important that everything has a place. I promise I’m not crazy about it though. I do have messes often; but, I also believe that “a clean home is a happy home.” I like to add to that quote and say that a clean home is a happy attitude! Our entire family functions better and there is a noticeable mood improvement when our home is clean and in order.

What is your favorite part of the day with your child/children?: Playtime. I love watching my kids play or getting on the floor and playing with them. It’s such an amazing moment to see your baby stack a block for the first time—or hearing your 3 year old use that big word you used yesterday and feeling like the proudest mom ever. I love that. I love the happy faces, the squeals, building the tallest Lego tower ever, the race to the front door and pretending to be a slow runner or the crazy dance party in the kitchen. These are the moments that make being a mom worth it.

Who is an inspiration to you when it comes to motherhood?: My own mom. She is probably one of the most patient people I have ever known. I definitely didn’t learn to yell from her. She had six children and I can count on one hand how many times I heard her raise her voice. I have no idea how she kept her cool so easily, it’s a quality I hope to obtain.

Advice for fellow mothers who need a boost?: I promise: YOU CAN DO THIS! Motherhood is hard, we are all in such different stages and phases. We all have different situations and very different children. It’s easy to get frustrated or discouraged or even to lose sight of who you are as a person. It’s hard, but it is so worth it! You can do this. Take it one day at a time—one hour at a time if you have to—it will get better. Now go eat some chocolate. You deserve it! 🙂

Where is your favorite place to shop for yourself? Favorite place to shop for your child/children?: I would probably say Target for both. Only because that’s where I go for everything. Target is life.

What’s one product for yourself you can’t live without? Favorite product for your child/children?: I don’t really have any items I absolutely can’t live without. I do love my Apple Watch. I’m busy as a mom and I like that I can check my wrist real quick and see who is texting or calling me. It keeps me from checking my phone all day long; and let’s face it, half the time I’m not even sure where I left my phone.

It’s a little different for my kids since they are three years apart in age. For my oldest he couldn’t live without Kinetic Sand, Legos, or Play Dough. We break that stuff out every day and it gives him a good hour of time by himself to be creative. Right now for my little guy we couldn’t live without his giraffe teether. He gnaws on that thing like there’s no tomorrow. It saves us both from the pain of teething.

How has being a mom changed your life?: It has changed my life in almost every way possible. I had an idea of where I wanted my life to go before kids, but I wasn’t getting there. I did things differently than some of my peers and I think they thought I was crazy. Now that I have children I can see why things happened the way they did. I was supposed to be here at this time raising these babies. I may be a little more sleep deprived than I had expected; but, I wouldn’t change a thing. I hope in the future I can go and do some of the things I had planned before kids; but, for now life is so great and I’m so happy with the way it has turned out.

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