Magical Monday: Saving $$$ at Disneyland


Everyone wants to go on a Disneyland vacation (or at least everyone should want to) but I feel like a large reason people don’t go is because of the large price tag that comes along with a visit to The Happiest Place on Earth. Well I am a firm believer that everyone needs some Disney magic in their lives, so I’ve decided to do a little post about some simple money savers you can implement into your Disney getaway. Obviously there are several other things you can do to save money, but I feel like these are a lot of the main ones you hear about and some of the simplest. I’ve given this same advice to many people throughout my life and it seems people tend to pick and choose which money savers they use and which they disregard – and thats great! Do Disneyland your way. Make it personal and special to you so its a trip you never forget and always cherish. But also keep in mind that you still may need to save and budget for your Disney trip because those tickets are still a bit pricey even if you can find a discount somewhere.

  • So lets start with tickets. Keep in mind not all places that claim to have GREAT DISNEY DISCOUNTS are credible. Do your research, read the fine print and ask around. The only real place my family and I trust for any kind of discounted ticket is Getaway Today. There are also Annual Passes (there are a few variations of these) but they are a big upfront purchase. They could be worth it if you plan on visiting Disneyland several times that year, but again definitely do your research and plan your trip/s as best as possible before buying an Annual Pass.
  • Look at hotels as soon as possible. Hotels are cheaper the further in advance you buy your room/s. The hotel will be more expensive the closer you get to your date. Also with hotels, keep in mind location. There are Disney owned hotels that are expensive, but the Parks are also surrounded by other, good hotels. Hotels closer to the park are typically more pricy.
  • If you find a hotel that will suit you thats a bit of a distance away, make sure it has a shuttle to the park. Shuttles are much more inexpensive then parking at Disney’s parking structures. Taking a shuttle verses parking on Disney property will absolutely save you a few precious bucks.
  • Pack your own food in. Its allowed! Disney’s food is expensive. Even quick bites to eat are several more dollars than these items are back at home. You can have snacks in your bag and you can pack your breakfast/lunch/dinner/whatever in a cooler and rent a locker at the entrance of the Park to keep it in so you aren’t carrying it around with you.
  • Don’t get a Photo Pass. I’ll admit this one kind of makes me sad. You read this money saving advice all over, and it totally makes sense but its also a bummer. Disney offers photo passes which basically is a card that the Disney photographers use to store the pictures they take on their nice cameras in the park. You can view your photos online and pick which ones you want to order or order then entire load of pictures. Sounds like no big deal – except that the pictures aren’t cheap. A single picture is $12+ and the whole batch of pictures is high $30’s or low $40’s. If you don’t get the Photo Pass all together, you’re eliminating some temptation. However if you do get it, I recommend getting tons of pictures taken so if you end up ordering all the pictures, $40-ish ends up feeling like a steal. Do you get what I’m saying? If you opt out of the Photo Pass, keep in mind the Disney Photographers can still use your own camera/phone and take good pictures for you – and thats free!
  • Are you going to park hop (aka buy a park hopper ticket?) Just letting you know, if you aren’t planning on hopping parks, your ticket will be significantly cheaper. This one is tough though because park hopping = awesome.
  • Collectibles are addicting. Be careful. I’m not going to tell you to completely avoid souvenirs from the park, but I’m just giving my two cents here. My momma is the queen of Disney collectibles and though I am not quite as invested in collectibles as she is, I can vouch that collectibles are so fun and so addicting but that also adds up and next thing you know you’ve spent…a bit of money on your collection. So be warned. (however if you do have Disney collectibles lets talk! i want to see what you have!!)
  • This sort of goes along with the bring your own food in advice, but another helpful money saver is don’t eat breakfast in the park. Maybe your hotel has continental breakfast? If not maybe your hotel has a fridge or toaster and you can bring cereal and milk or bread/bagels/poptarts. You can have much cheaper breakfasts in your hotel verses the expensive park breakfasts.
  • If you are going to eat in the park, find meals you can share.

Those are only a few money saving tips and I know there are dozens of other helpful tricks to save some of your hard earned money. If you have more feel free to share them – I don’t think theres a single person who doesn’t want to save even a few dollars.

Good luck, happy travels and have a magical time in Disneyland!




The Motherhood Project: Sarah

“My goal is to let Clair just become who she is without me intervening a whole lot.”

Name:Sarah Rasmussen | Child: Clair Olivia

Did you enjoy your pregnancy?: Oh boy. Pregnancy wasn’t the easiest thing in the world for me. I wasn’t bed ridden, thank goodness, but I did not feel good for most of my pregnancy. It was also really hard for me to adjust to the changes my body went through physically. At the beginning of my pregnancy I went up at least a cup size and by the end I was up by 2 cup sizes! That was extremely hard for me to deal with because I have never been this chesty in my whole life.

How was your delivery experience?: Delivery was an absolute heavenly experience. Labor, on the other hand, was hell. I went into labor on Saturday at 3 am and didn’t deliver Clair until Monday at 12:23 pm. All of that time in between was labor pain every 3-6 minutes apart. Sometimes it was go up to 10 mins apart, but it was constant labor. I didn’t sleep more than 3 hours during those 2 days and I went to the hospital 3 times before being admitted. For whatever reason I was stuck at a 2 cm. By pure mercy they finally admitted me and gave me an epidural. I progressed really fast after that and when it came to deliver I was surprised at how peaceful I felt. The lights were dimmed. My midwife was sitting at the edge of the bed and I had Levi holding one leg while my mom held the other. Even though it was obviously work to push baby girl out, I felt empowered, courageous and strong as I helped Clair come into this world. I couldn’t help but think, “Hey this is hard for Clair too and she’s working as hard as I am.” And in that aspect delivery truly was a bonding experience for me and baby Clair.

Whats your biggest struggle when it comes to being a mom?: With only a month’s worth of experience as a mother I would say that the biggest struggle I have faced as a mom is letting go of trying to see Clair as problem to be fixed and see her more as a person to be enjoyed. Let me explain what I mean by that. It seems like mothers, especially in the American culture, spend hours upon hours reading books and articles on how to fix certain things about their children such as sleeping schedule, eating schedule, awake time, etc.. Since Clair has joined my family I have felt myself constantly focusing on how to get her on a good schedule, how to help her eat at the times I want to her, how to get her to sleep through the night, and even to get her to suck on the pacifier I want her to suck on. (haha) The other day I had the thought “You’re not taking time to observe HER.” In that moment I realized that Clair knows what is best for her. She knows how long she needs to sleep and how long she needs to eat. Instead of me trying to control her I should just ENJOY and OBSERVE her. Since that realization I’ve been working on letting go of my want for control and just enjoying Clair for how she is-an adorable spunky person that God has given to me to enjoy.

What is your parenting style?: Before giving birth I read the book “Bringing Up Bebe” and it blew my mind to learn how the French parent their children! Their kids are very well behaved and eat everything placed on their plates. If you want a good read, I highly recommend this book. It’s not a parenting guide, it’s just a true story about an American woman’s experience living in France and observing the way they parent. So, my parenting style derives from what I learned from the French. My goal is to let Clair just become who she is without me intervening a whole lot. I’m not really as concerned about stimulating her all the time or having her be above and beyond the learning curve, I am more concerned about her having time to enjoy life and learn at her own pace.

What is the favorite part of the day with your child?: This might sound weird, but I LOVE night feedings. Yes I am tired and yes it makes me feel like a crazy person to not be getting sleep, but our night feedings have turned into sleepovers on the couch. I spend most of my night on the couch because I will fall asleep with Clair in between feedings and then wake up and feed her again. It’s the best. I love hearing her little moans in her sleep and cuddling with her. It’s honestly the best and has kept my spirits up even when I am SO TIRED.

Who is an inspiration to you when it comes to motherhood?: My mother has always been an inspiration to me of what a mother should be. She gave birth to 7 kids in 8 years and I have always found her selflessness and love for children so inspiring! I didn’t grow up with a love for babysitting or anything like that so I always thought I would never be able to be a mother like my mom. I still don’t think I could ever be as amazing as my mom, but since having Clair I finally understand how my mom was able to love all of us so individually and perfectly. Loving your own child is so innate!

Advice for fellow moms who need a boost?: My little piece of advice is something that I have to keep reminding myself on the daily. Let yourself feel the way that you need to feel. I remember during pregnancy that I felt really bad about myself because I wasn’t super excited to be pregnant. Everyone would ask me if I was super excited and I didn’t know how to reply or I just said what they wanted to hear because I thought that was the expectation-to be excited. I felt really anxious to be a mom and honestly felt sad for a little bit. Not because I didn’t want to pregnant, I just felt sad. There wasn’t any rhyme or reason to it. The same thing happened when I had Clair bear. For the first couple of weeks I just felt sad and I cried a lot. Not because I didn’t want Clair or regretted having her or anything crazy like that. I just needed to feel sad for a bit and after those first couple weeks I again felt completely normal. So my little tidbit of wisdom is that it’s okay to feel the way that you are feeling as a mom. Let yourself feel and don’t let yourself think that you “should” be feeling a different way. Sadness isn’t a sign that you don’t love your child or that you are a bad mother. It’s simply an emotion that needs to be felt sometimes for you body to adjust to the changes of life.

Favorite place to shop for yourself and your child?: I love boutiques! My favorite local boutique to shop for myself and Clair bear is Soel Boutique in Provo. I love that they sell products from smaller local business in Utah. It’s a little bit pricy so my next favorite place is Called to Surf, right next door to Soel. Called to Surf is a bit more reasonable and they also sell products from small local business. I just bought the most ADORABLE bow for Clair there. I also love their jewelry because it is reasonably priced and super cute


(Lou Lou & Co bow)

I am also starting to become obsessed with online shopping for both me and Clair bear. I recently discovered Lou Lou and Co and am absolutely obsessed with their head wraps and bows.

Another side note: A lot of businesses that I follow on Instagram sell their products at The Baby Cubby in Lindon. If you haven’t been there, you MUST check it out. Again, a bit pricy, but so stinking cute.

Favorite product for yourself and your child?: One product that I can’t live without as a new mommy has been a nursing cover! I have the floral Covered Goods nursing cover and it has been a LIFE SAVER. Lets be real, it’s not super reasonable to have to leave the room or go out to the car every single time you need to nurse and you are around people. The nursing cover has saved my life because I can whip it over my shirt and keep one hand out. It does not fall off like a blanket would and it is breathable for Clair. As far as a product for Clair bear, the DockATot has been an amazing investment. Yes it is expensive, but it has been super worth it for us. We live in a one bedroom apartment so her crib is in our living room in a tiny little nook area. When Levi and I want to watch a movie we just put her in her DockATot in our bedroom and she is able to sleep without being disturbed. It’s also great for day trips to Nana’s house. I just throw it in the car and she has her bed with her anywhere she goes. Defiantly a good investment for you mommies!

How has being a mom changed your life: This biggest change I have seen in my life is that my heart is so full as a mother! Like I’ve mentioned before I was completely terrified to be a mother because I knew my life with Levi would change so much. I was also just so unsure of my capability to be a mom and to love the life of a mom. When I met Clair it felt like my heart expanded and was softened. I have felt so much more meaning come into my life. I have felt so much gratitude come into my heart. My life is just full of much more Clair-ity (get it?). It’s true that I’m not able to just go to the movies whenever I want or to stay up late with girlfriends or even with my husband for that matter. But I wouldn’t trade this fullness of heart for those things. I’m so happy to be the mother of Clair bear.


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Hips Don’t Lie


I have been feeling a huge weight on my shoulders for the last two-ish months. Right after H’s four month check-up I started to hear and feel pops in his little hips. This instantly terrified me because I remembered at his two month check-up our pediatrician telling me its ok if any part of a baby pops except their hips. Being the anxiety filled human being that I am I immediately began to panic. The hip click typically means your child has hip dysplasia, but in the lucky cases it could just be a ligament thats noisy when it moves. I wanted to believe it was the ligament, but I couldn’t help but worry that it was hip dysplasia and my sweet, wiggly baby boy would have to be in an awful, uncomfortable cast/harness.

My fear was even greater when I heard that hip dysplasia can be genetic. I had hip dysplasia diagnosed when I was still in the hospital after being born. Knowing this, I was sure H had it. My heart shattered and I’ve literally spent the last two months with a pit in my stomach.

On Monday H had his six month well-check and our pediatrician, who already knew of my concerns about his hips and had even briefly checked them before told me I needed to take H to get an x-ray of his hips this week. This was terrifying to me because I felt like it meant he had it. Which really is silly because twice the pediatrician said he was fairly confident it was just a loud ligament and not dislocated hips. But still, its in my nature to worry unnecessarily – so worry unnecessarily I did.

This morning I took H to the hospital to finally get his x-ray. I was nervous, but also really excited (i don’t feel like thats the right word) to learn if this was really what I was fearful that it was. The x-ray went very smoothly. H was so cooperative and went right a long with the whole ordeal and didn’t put up any kind of struggle. He’s a good one, I tell you. He looked so sweet, innocent and tiny on the x-ray table it made my heart burst. Gosh, I love him.

Our x-ray technician was awesome. He worked so well with H and was really good to explain everything to me and explain that he wasn’t being exposed to a dangerous amount of radiation and so fourth. It definitely helped calm a piece of my worried heart.

We came home from the x-ray and I very impatiently awaited the call from our pediatricians office to tell us the results of the x-ray. I laughed because I could barely sit still due to overwhelming amounts of anxiety, and there was H, konked out on the floor – clearly not as nervous as his mom was.


I’m THRILLED to say that a couple hours ago the doctor called and THERE WERE NO HIP ABNORMALITIES FOUND! Oh, hallelujah!

I know in the long run its nothing that major – if the worst happened he would have to have a hip surgery. I know compared to some peoples struggles thats nothing at all. I totally get that. But I still was fearful of the possibility of my six month old having surgery, or even having to wear this cast that just looks miserable – especially since H is such a wiggler. He’s my baby and I want the best for him. I’m his mom, thats my job to worry for him and hope and pray the best is what he gets, you know?

Seriously though my heart got 1,000x lighter when I heard the good news and I couldn’t wait to tell H and Wild Man and our families. Prayers were answered today and I feel so good and happy about it I couldn’t go without sharing.

P.S. Modern Medicine and technology is incredible.



The Happiest Place on Earth


Last week our family of three went with my family to our home-away-from-home, our favorite place to visit, the place we love most and travel to most often, the best place in the whole entire world – Disneyland. As usual, it was magical, wonderful and has provided us with many more memories and pictures to marvel over. It sounds silly, but I really am so thankful to be a Disney Person. My mom is a huge fanatic and she’s passed the passion onto her children and husband and I plan on doing the exact same thing with my family. Wild Man has already fully embraced the Disney lifestyle and I can honestly say that H is loving Disney, too.


Truth be told, even now, a week+ after our magical getaway I am still on cloud nine. I get the Disneyland blues typically after coming home from a Disney trip because I miss it already, but I also feel full of butterflies because I get to think back on our time there (and eagerly, anxiously look forward to our next time there). And yes, I know how corny that all sounded but I meant every word of it.


I have decided I need more Disney on my blog posts. I’m going to be implementing weekly Disney posts, so keep an eye out for those. In the meantime, enjoy a few random shots from our vacation to the happiest place on earth.




Half a Year

Dear H,

Yesterday  you turned SIX months old and I can’t quite wrap my brain around the fact that I’ve been lucky enough to have you for a half a year. I feel like time has flown by and I feel like I’ve known you forever. Its difficult for me to remember life before you and I don’t mind because I don’t even want to think of time without you.

You have changed my life. You have made me a better person and you have opened my eyes to so much in life I was missing. You’ve shown me a new part of myself that only you could have revealed. I’m so thankful that you made me a mom.

I can’t believe you’re six months old. It has been a genuine honor watching you and marveling at your development. You’re so smart. It blows my mind how much babies learn in such a short amount of time. You are a rolling machine, you sit perfectly, you love ‘flirting’ with people around you, you have the most contagious and sweet smile, you are already starting to figure out the whole crawling/scooting scene and you love to grab absolutely everything in sight.

Being your mom is just the best. Thank you for welcoming me so easily into this new, happy, wonderfully messy and sleepless life.

Love, love, love




The Motherhood Project: Taylor

“I thought I knew all about myself, but it took meeting my sweet little Eleanor to find out who Taylor really is.”

Name: Taylor | Child: Eleanor


Did you enjoy your pregnancy?: I did! I mean it wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve ever done but I had a pretty good pregnancy. I feel like it was such a special time and an honor to be creating life! I mean I could be sitting on the couch, watching Grey’s Anatomy, eating a popsicle, and I was still creating a human. To me that is AMAZING!

How was your delivery experience?: Amazing and absolutely terrifying. My water broke on a Saturday night and it was the craziest adrenaline rush! Labor was totally fine as I had an epidural before I even felt a really big contraction (I had no idea you could get one at anytime, it was awesome). However, seriously the thirst was the worst part. Yes I was hungry but DANG was I thirsty!! I ended up having a c section, but I did push for 2.5 hours and I feel I deserve that credit! I always pictured pushing to be this like bloody murder screaming session. For me, it was more of like a work out. Like doing lots of squats, they aren’t your favorite, your’e sort of exhausted and yeah you would rather be doing other things. But there wasn’t any pain or screaming! When her head started to show (yes I got that far danget!) my husband broke the *rules* and looked. I was so worried about the possible looking crime scene going on downtown, but I watched his face light up and say “I CAN SEE HER!” and all my worries about how I looked melted away. When my husband saw the first glimpse of our daughter, I truly realized something so much greater than myself was about to happen.

What is your favorite part of the day with your child?: When she wakes up in the morning. I hear her babbling, grunting, fake yelling/shrieks. And my first thoughts are usually “I AM SO TIRED”. And I lay there and secretly hope she forgets she wants to wake up and falls back asleep (this works only 40% of the time but you bet I try it every day). When I finally get up and go over to her little bassinet and see her bright grey blue eyes and big grin, my heart melts into a puddle on the floor. She is SO happy in the morning! I get her out of her swaddle and change her and then we “chat” for about an hour. She babbles, smiles, and wiggles away. I sing to her, read to her, talk to her, kiss her a million times. It’s seriously the best part of my whole day.
•Who is an inspiration to you when it comes to motherhood?
My own mom. I think everybody who knows her loves her. I hope Eleanor wants to stay my best friend like I do with my mom.

Advice for fellow mothers who need a little boost?: My adorable friend and famous blogger Danica just reminded me of a scripture that i’ve been thinking about all week, “Remember, the worth of souls is great in the sight of God”. It reminds me how important my job is, even when it feels like I am exhausted and done. I know this little soul means so much to my heavenly father and I couldn’t be doing anything else more important right now in my life.

Where is your favorite place to shop for yourself? Favorite place to shop for your child/children?: I’m in this awkward phase of yoga pants only and t shirts I can nurse in…so I’m not the best person to ask about clothing (i’m 8 weeks postpartum…how much longer does the ‘just had a baby’ excuse work for?) Eleanor however rocks a lot of Old Navy, Carters, Baby Gap, and Gymboree. You can always find something adorable there! I wish I could find me a shirt and pant set all bundled together for $20.

What’s one product for yourself you can’t live without? Favorite product for your child/children?: I really like BareMinerals blush. It goes on super smooth and instantly brings my face from “are you tired?” to “how do you have time for makeup?”
For Eleanor I cannot live without her Owlet monitor. It is such a stress reliever for my husband and I! If you haven’t heard about them, it’s a little sock that goes on your babies foot and it detects their oxygen levels and heart rate. The information is uploaded to my phone in real time, and it alerts me if either of her levels get below normal! In the middle of the night you can peek across the room and see the base station glowing green, and just know everything is okay. This prevents my 50 times a night “are you breathing?!?” checks.

How has being a mom changed your life?: I’m not sure how I can begin to answer this with my small vocabulary and subpar writing skills. What hasn’t it changed? I heard about so many of the negative aspects of motherhood before I had my daughter. “You will never sleep again, say goodbye to romance, you’ll ruin your body, you will end your life at such a young age, never have a clean house, no more vacations, you’ll be broke” on and on. Guess what? Some of those things aren’t necessarily far from the truth. But no one fully prepared for me how much love I was going to feel. How is it possible during my 24 years of life to not have known this part of myself? I thought I knew all about myself, but it took meeting my sweet little Eleanor to find out who Taylor really is. I am a mother, and I love it. It is my favorite title i’ve ever held. I would do anything for that little baby, so the negative things are so minor compared to what I have in return. So how has it changed me? Well I sure wasn’t sobbing over outgrown pajamas before.

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The Motherhood Project: Karlie

“You will have bad days; you will cry; you will lock yourself in the bathroom while all the kids are crying and banging on the door – give yourself a minute then come out swinging. You are a tough mama and you will make it through – heck, you will probably be crying tears of joy in about 3 seconds when one of your kids wraps their arms around your neck and says “love you mom.””

Name: Karlie | Children’s Names: June – 2, Marlie – 2, Lincoln – 6 months


Did you enjoy your pregnancy?: Yes and no… I loved to feel them kicking and dancing around in my belly, but it definitely wasn’t as “easy” as I had hoped it would be. I had gestational diabetes with both pregnancies, gained almost 70 lbs with my twins, had preeclampsia, and all the other goodies that come along with pregnancy, so it wasn’t the most pleasant experience. However, I was so impressed with what my body could go through. When I was pregnant with my girls I would sit for hours and just watch my belly stretch more than I ever thought was possible, I LOVED that part of pregnancy.

How was your delivery experience?: My first delivery was a little terrifying – I was on hospital bed rest for 3 days then had to have an emergency C-Section at 35 weeks. We always knew it would be a C Section because both girls were breach but the rush of people running around and flooding my room to get me into surgery was a bit overwhelming. I had a minor panic attack. With my son, it was a planned C Section and it went so smooth and calm, it was actually really enjoyable.

What’s your biggest struggle when it comes to being a mom?: Feeling adequate. I’m a working mom and I hate leaving them every morning with tears streaming down their faces (and mine). I know my situation is temporary and as soon as my husband finishes school I can be at home with them, but it still doesn’t ease my troubled heart. I feel like I’m neglecting them even though I know my husband is giving them the greatest care. I also really struggle with bedtime – my husband works nights and getting 3 kids to bed by myself is rough!!!

What’s your biggest strength when it comes to being a mom?: Making the most of every moment I am with them. Since I don’t get to spend as much time as I would like to with them, I try my hardest to fill our time with fun activities. I make schedules for the day, prep the night before, arrange play dates, and sometimes flat out exhaust myself trying to make sure everyone is having a good time.

What is your parenting style?: Survival… just kidding… but probably just relaxed yet firm. I don’t know proper terminology for styles. Ha ha. I pick my battles about what’s really worthy of discipline, then when I feel it warrants discipline I am firm. I always follow up with lots of hugs and kisses after the hard part is over.

What is your favorite part of the day with your children?: There are so many!!! Watching them make each other laugh, how sweet the girls are with their brother, when they tell me they love me just out of the blue, when they wake up from their naps all groggy but really chatty, when I come home from work and they run and tell me “I miss you at work,” the big wet soggy kisses little man gives me, when they fall asleep in my arms, watching them learn new things, the list is endless… kids are so great!!

Who is an inspiration to you when it comes to motherhood?: Ashley Gardner – the quad mama. She had 4 baby girls at once!!! She is always so positive and has such a great outlook on life. You should totally watch her show “Rattled” – it really put things in perspective for me – if she can handle 4 babies, my load is definitely manageable. I basically stalk their family on instagram, youtube, and blogs because I think they are so amazing.

Advice for fellow mothers who need a little boost?: Enjoy the stage your kid is in – I know I used to always look forward to when they can crawl, or talk, or walk, etc. Or I would look in the past and miss the sleepy snuggles all day every day, or how dependent they were on me and wanted me for everything, etc. I think it’s important to love the stage you have and not wish for something else; past or future. Also, don’t get caught up in the “failures” you have each day, focus instead on the success. You will have bad days; you will cry; you will lock yourself in the bathroom while all the kids are crying and banging on the door – give yourself a minute then come out swinging. You are a tough mama and you will make it through – heck, you will probably be crying tears of joy in about 3 seconds when one of your kids wraps their arms around your neck and says “love you mom.”

Where is your favorite place to shop for yourself? Favorite place to shop for your child/children?: For Me: Target and H&M – I’m pretty low maintenance and haven’t bought stuff for myself in quite some time. For Kids: Kohl’s, H&M, Target and surprisingly – Walmart – my kids are young enough that they don’t care about brand names and Walmart has some cute stuff for so cheap. I love that their clothes don’t usually have graphics plastered all over them and they fit my kids so well!!

What’s one product for yourself you can’t live without? Favorite product for your children?: For Me: A hair elastic – ha ha! I know that seems ridiculous, but I can’t go anywhere without one either in my hair or on my wrist. I try to wear my hair down some days but it always ends up in a pony tail for one reason or another. For Kids: Johnson & Johnson’s Bedtime Lotion – the purple one. It smells DIVINE and keeps their skin so silky smooth!

How has being a mom changed your life?: In every way possible – it’s made me sentimental, a cry baby, a worrier, anxious, brave, tough, protective, strong, spiritual, happier, crazier, flabbier and the list goes on. I am so proud of what I can do, and what they can do, and I feel so much more accomplished than I ever did before they came along. Don’t get me wrong – it has rocked me and made me wonder if I have a personality outside of my kids, but my world revolves around them. All of my conversations, choices, emotions, and thoughts are consumed by them and I wouldn’t have it any other way. My kids (and husband) have my whole heart.

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