Quick, Easy and Healthy

I have been eating healthy lately and not to toot my own horn, but I’ve been killing it. I may even be having fun with it right now. But don’t even think that I don’t still constantly crave chocolate and give in to that temptation every now and again.

My sweet tooth is especially ravenous before I go to bed so I have been searching for something that was somehow sweet, delicious and healthy all at the same time — and I finally found it. It was on the SnapChat of lifestyle blogger, KatieDidWhat. I have this quick and easy treat many nights before bed and though its not chocolate, it really holds my sweet tooth over.


It is seriously so easy. There are four ingredients and takes just a couple minutes to prepare.

You just need:


Greek Yogurt (i use the honey flavored)



You just cut slices of cucumber, drop a little scoop of greek yogurt on top, stick a couple strawberry slices on and top with a little honey. It is so good. You need this in your life.



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