Half a Year

Dear H,

Yesterday  you turned SIX months old and I can’t quite wrap my brain around the fact that I’ve been lucky enough to have you for a half a year. I feel like time has flown by and I feel like I’ve known you forever. Its difficult for me to remember life before you and I don’t mind because I don’t even want to think of time without you.

You have changed my life. You have made me a better person and you have opened my eyes to so much in life I was missing. You’ve shown me a new part of myself that only you could have revealed. I’m so thankful that you made me a mom.

I can’t believe you’re six months old. It has been a genuine honor watching you and marveling at your development. You’re so smart. It blows my mind how much babies learn in such a short amount of time. You are a rolling machine, you sit perfectly, you love ‘flirting’ with people around you, you have the most contagious and sweet smile, you are already starting to figure out the whole crawling/scooting scene and you love to grab absolutely everything in sight.

Being your mom is just the best. Thank you for welcoming me so easily into this new, happy, wonderfully messy and sleepless life.

Love, love, love




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