Tummy Drama

My little Captain has had a rough go since starting solid foods. Everything was smooth sailing and easy going when he was living solely on breast milk then we introduced baby food and its been a roller coaster ever since. One day all baby food and baby treats are treating him well and sitting just fine, then the next day boom, everything that isn’t breast milk wreaks havoc on his poor tummy. I hate that I can’t fix it and can’t figure out what exactly the problem is. Especially today after he has had yucky diaper after yucky diaper after yucky diaper I am feeling awful that I don’t have super powers that can take away whatever little stomach bug he has. The only good thing about all of this is that I am getting lots of awesome snuggles. But I still feel mom guilt.

Oh sweet babies. Tugging our heart strings, keeping us on our toes and consuming our every thought.


Feel free to send H good vibes – we’d both appreciate it!





I’ve been a little bummed lately. Its just a slump that will pass eventually, but I’m currently in the wait-it-out part and I hate that I’m starting to feel a little defeated by this. I’m letting everything everyone says get to me. I’m being extra hard on myself. I’m feeling like people have expectations of me and I’m not meeting them. I am feeling like some people are being disrespectful of the rules/boundaries I have for my son. I feel like because I only have one baby, my first baby, not all people are giving me credit for trying hard to be a good mom. A lot of times I’m hearing that I’ll be different and less worried, anxious and cautious as I have more children and H is the ‘unfortunate child’ because he’s our guinea pig baby, but I’m not brave enough to stand up for myself and say that I actually very well could be the same because I know who I am – I’m the biggest worrier and a full fledged anxiety queen – and I’m ok with it! Why can’t everyone else be? And even if I am a ‘different’ mom with my next kids, does that really make it ok to make fun of the way I mom, currently? Why is it so simple for some people to bash on the new moms? I feel like I’m letting myself be walked all over because I’m being too shy to confront anyone, even if its a small matter. I go to bed every night with a pit in my stomach because I feel like I failed during the day.

I hate it

I hate it

I hate it

Whenever I am in a crappy mood like this I am weird and I channel my inner teenage girl and turn to Pinterest to find some quotes that hopefully uplift and inspire me. I really like to search ‘LDS Quotes’ and they can put a little bit of brightness back into my day. I couldn’t think of anything to post today so I decided (after spilling my whiney, complain emotions) to post a few of the quotes I found that put a smile on my face.

IMG_8447IMG_8448IMG_8449IMG_8451IMG_8452IMG_8450That last one, man…

I feel like before you think I’m totally a hopeless, sad mess I need to remind everyone how lucky I am that I have my sweet, happy baby boy and my kind, caring husband. Thank goodness for them – I am #blessed

Before I go, just a reminder: Be nice. Don’t say mean, judgmental things to people because you don’t know how it could effect their happiness. Say nice things, keep negative opinions to yourself. Smile, be happy, lets uplift instead of bring down.



Magical Monday: In the Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Room









Ok, I’ll stop. Sorry. I really like that song. Its going to be stuck in my head all day now (maybe yours too?)

As I was brainstorming what I could do my next Magical Monday on, I kept thinking about Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room. This is a great attraction and I think its a little overlooked and underrated, unfortunately. Whenever I have Disney conversations with people – and lets face it, thats a lot – I have realized Tiki Room is often bashed on. “Its a bunch of annoying singing birds” “Its not a ride” “Its a waste of time” “We never go see that” and I’m not going to lie guys, that makes me sad. Tiki Room is awesome. If anything, its a nice excuse to sit down and get off of your feet for a few minutes and you can even enjoy a Dole Whip or Dole Whip Float while watching. Why would you skip that?? Its cute, yes, kind of cheesy but thats what makes it so great.


Then there is the history behind it which makes it 100x better to me. Have you ever noticed that the Tiki Room is called Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room? No other attraction in Disneyland has Walt’s name before it. Do you know why? Well I’ll tell you. Walt Disney was so passionate about making Tiki Room a thing that he put his own money into it – not the Disney companies money. That fact has always made this attraction extra special to me. This was Walt’s baby. And what a mighty fine baby it is.

As always, this Magical Monday is random and maybe a little silly. But its a magical topic I can’t get enough of and I hope its brought even the tiniest bit of magic to your day!



The Motherhood Project: Katie

“These babies rely on me for everything, and it is both humbling and incredible that I am trusted to take on this job!!”

Name: Katie | Child/Children’s Names/ages: Sam, 2 years and Sophie, 5 months 🙂

Katie Did What

Did you enjoy your pregnancy?: I LOVED my first pregnancy! It was absolutely perfect (I know, I hate myself too ha!). My second one was not as good, though. I had morning sickness the first three months (and had none with my first!) and there were a lot of unknowns that made it a very stressful time. Thank God, everything turned out beautifully in the end, and I have a perfect little girl that made all of that worth it!

How was your delivery experience?: Delivery was crazy and hard and painful and beautiful and the most amazing experience in the world, all at once. I shared both of my birth stories on my blog! You can read them here and here.

What’s your biggest struggle when it comes to being a mom?: Definitely balancing everything. Some days, I do it fairly gracefully, and other days I’m just a hot mess. I think all moms can relate to that!

What’s your biggest strength when it comes to being a mom?: I love my babies with everything that I have.

What is your parenting style?: Hmm not sure! Don’t think I could pick just one “style.”

What is your favorite part of the day with your child/children?: In the morning, when they’re all snuggly and we just cuddle up and wake up together. Best part of the day. 🙂

Who is an inspiration to you when it comes to motherhood?: My own mom. She was my best friend and I often refer to things she’s told me when I’m parenting my own babies!

Advice for fellow mothers who need a little boost?: You’ve got this and you are NOT alone! We all have hard days, this journey of motherhood is NOT easy, but it is so rewarding and the good days outweigh the bad!

Where is your favorite place to shop for yourself? Favorite place to shop for your child/children?: For myself, I love Nordstrom, Shopbop and Target (duh) because they literally have everything you could want. For my babies, I love H&M, Gap, Old Navy and all of the adorable shops on Instagram and Etsy that I find! I love supporting small businesses and fellow #mombosses. 🙂

What’s one product for yourself you can’t live without? Favorite product for your child/children?: I can’t live without COFFEE. Does that count as a product? 😉 For my kids, I am obsessed with the Dock-A-Tot (seriously I’m convinced it’s the reason my baby sleeps so well!), swaddles, white noise, the mamaroo, Solly Baby wrap and… a stroller! All necessary!

How has being a mom changed your life?: Being a mom has changed my life in so many ways, but the number one thing is that it has made me learn to be selfless. These babies rely on me for everything, and it is both humbling and incredible that I am trusted to take on this job!! I’ve learned so much already in these two short years of motherhood, and know I have so much more that I will learn, thanks to these sweet little people whom I get to call my own!

See more of Katie on her Instagram, Twitter and Blog (click for links)

*If you have anyone you’d like to nominate to be featured on the blog (yourself included) send me their email or phone number and I will contact them/you! ceeceesparkles@gmail.com

#ootd: Camo

The majority of my friends have baby girls. I LOVE having my baby boy and would never dream of changing it – but one thing I’ve always been a little jealous about is when moms and daughters match/coordinate. I decided to stop being bummed that I can’t match H though and then decided to make it work with me and my boy. We never really match, but we are able to coordinate a lot. Before H was born I found this little camo onesie from Old Navy and I couldn’t wait for him to be able to fit in to it. Now that he does, every time he wears it I wear my camo leggings. It just makes me feel happy, it makes me feel like I’m on top of things. (also do me a favor though and look past my crazy hair-d0)




Announcing Our Pregnancy and Gender (this is not a pregnancy announcement)

You guys, I almost posted a picture of my pregnancy test from when I found out I was pregnant with H on this post – but then I realized that was a stick that at one point was covered in my urine and promptly decided against that. Its never bothered me when other people post a picture of the test, but apparently doing so myself is not my jam.

Today I was reading through a journal I kept while I was pregnant with H. I cried more than I care to admit because being pregnant was AWESOME even though I was sick 100% of the time, had gestational diabetes and was so uncomfortable. Its actually very easy for me to look past the gross stuff and think about the amazing stuff that was happening inside my body. Isn’t it crazy we are capable of GROWING a HUMAN?


A few particular entries in this journal were dedicated to the days we announced to our families we were pregnant. I learned something from this. I am not creative. Wild Man is. Keep reading, you’ll see.


Neither of our moms got a cool announcement. Turns out my mom already knew because she could tell I was different and was picking up on my symptoms and my mother-in-law guessed. So neither story with them is all that exciting..


Somehow we decided I’d decide how to tell my family and Wild Man would decide how to tell his. There are always those huge, grand announcements and I applaud them, but thats now how it worked out for me. I can’t even remember why but I ended up announcing to my family in one of the most boring, un-energetic ways possible (probably because I was too sick, tired and lazy to put forth effort anywhere in life?).

I had a picture on my phone of the pregnancy test. Every once in a while my family will sit around the tv and take turns throwing pictures up on to the tv via Apple Tv. One night we decided to start showing pictures and videos and in the middle of it I threw a picture up there. The picture of the test. It took a second for my dad and sisters to register what it was. (my mom already knew). I think my dad was the first to notice and I still have the look on his face in my mind – pure joy! Both of my sisters were quiet because they’re freaking adorable and got emotional. It was so cute. They were so excited. In my family H is the first grandchild and niece or nephew, so he was so, so greatly anticipated.


Like I said, Wild Man is 100x more creative than I am. He is also tons funnier. He is also talented with technology. All of those factors led to a much cooler baby announcement than I came up with for my family. Oh also his was lots more inappropriate than showing off a stick I stuck in my own urine.

He decided to make a video. Essentially it said in several different slides: When did it happen? We don’t know! Was it an early morning treat? An afternoon delight? Something in the night? We will never know. But one thing we do know… Our family is becoming a family of three. All while Marvin Gay’s ‘Lets Get It On’ is playing in the background and the sound of a squeaking mattress can be heard…

Embarrassing, yes. But very, very Wild Man. And it got the message across and led to some excited yelps and hugs. I still laugh/cringe thinking about this announcement.


We publicly announced our pregnancy on Mothers Day. It felt very appropriate and that was when we had hit either 12 or 13 weeks. We just did the usual post a picture on all our Social Media platforms. I pointed to my belly – which was proudly showing at this point (makes it very hard to hide a pregnancy) – and Wild Man held a sign announcing our due date, November 24, 2015. I’m laughing in it and Wild Man has a hilariously shocked face.



I guess this is where I sort of got creative. We found the gender out either in beginning of June or end of May, I can’t remember at the moment. Wild Man has a birthday in mid June and we always have a big birthday party at my parents house because they have a pool. We decided it’d be fun to somehow announce the gender at the party when both of our families are there together. We had everyone write down their guesses then before the pool party really started we had a gift bag and counted to three and Wild Man pulled a swimming suit (see the pool theme?) out of the bag. And it was a BOY swimming suit! I don’t know – is that creative? I thought it was fun.

Fun fact: I remember being terrified of having a boy. Having only sisters I had no idea what to expect – but I am LOVING it.


Now that we’ve done all the announcing and such, I’m already planning how to announce all these same things with baby #2 (not a pregnancy announcement) and I’m hoping to be more creative. But I can’t guarantee that it won’t be any less inappropriate because Wild Man will still be the dad and he’s gotta stay true to himself 😉




Magical Monday: Don’t Miss It!


Are you going to Disneyland soon? Good. Listen up – this post is for you.

At Disneyland, there is a railroad that circles the park. Walt Disney loved trains so its very fitting, and was very important to him that there be trains in his park. Currently the trains are not running because Star Wars Land is being built and they are moving the train track among other things. So the two trains are sitting at two of the stations. You can find the Lilly Belle at the Main Street Station and the C.K. Holliday at the New Orleans Station. If you are in the park you HAVE to go see these. You can go inside the engine, talk to conductors, go on the other side of the track (no Disney guests have been on that side for a looooooooong time), you can toot the horn, read about the train, etc. Its a must see. I’m serious. Please go. Please take lots of pictures. Please love it.