A Dip in the Pool

My family has a pool in their backyard and every year we anxiously look forward to the time of year when the pool opens and we get to anticipate the endless summer days floating in the pool and smothering ourselves in sunscreen (#palegirlproblems #estheticianproblems). I was so excited to take this picture because this same time last year we announced that H was a boy by debuting a boy swimming suit – the one he is wearing! Now he’s in that suit and he is CUTE! H was fun in the pool. I wasn’t sure how he’d like it, but he loves bath time so I was hoping he’d view the pool as a giant bath that he got to take with his family. He ended up being pretty indifferent towards the whole ordeal, but he didn’t hate it – so I’ll take it!


Warm weather is here!! I hope you have fun plans and get some good ol’ pool time in, too!



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