Magical Monday: How to Dress Your Baby/What to Have in Your Diaper Bag at Disneyland

*this post is purely my own opinions based off of what has worked for me and my son on our disneyland vacations

I consider myself a Disney Pro. But going with our baby has definitely been different than what I’m used to. I barely have to use my brain when packing for myself for an upcoming Disneyland trip, but now having to pack for a baby I have had to dig a little deeper and really plan out what I would need to bring. There is so much more to consider and plan for when taking your little one. Before our trips I’ve planned, revised and perfected my baby packing list and I’m really excited to say that I wouldn’t change a thing about it – for us at least, it is perfect.


Lets start with babies clothing, shall we? Disneyland is notoriously warm, but its easy to forget that sometimes the mornings and evenings can be quite chilly. Obviously it depends on when you’re going, but for the most part I feel like at least night time gets cooler. Our last trip was in May and this clothing list for my son worked exceptionally well.

How to Dress Your Baby in Disneyland:

  • Bring more diapers than you think you’ll need – you’d rather be over prepared than underprepared. I also stocked up our wipes each night before the next day at the park to ensure we didn’t run out of them.
  • Bring an outfit for each day – preferably a pair of shorts and a t-shirt or onesie shirt (or a cute sundress if your babe is a girl)
  • Pack 1-2 extra outfits in your diaper bag just in case there is a blowout
  • Have an extra onesie in your diaper bag in case its cold and baby needs an extra layer for warmth
  • Bring a beanie and also a sun hat. In the mornings and evenings I’d have H in his Mickey Mouse ears beanie and throughout the middle, super sunny part of the day he would wear one of two of his Disney bucket sun hats
  • Have a pair of socks in your diaper bag for the cooler parts of the day
  • Pack a pair of comfortable, long pants. I would change H into these in the evening so his legs were warm
  • Bring a jacket for obvious reasons
  • Optional: baby sunglasses. H keeps his Mickey Mouse sunglasses on like a champ, but I know not all babies are a fan of sporting some shades

This worked so well for us and I always felt prepared. Luckily last time we only had one blowout, but there was a lot of peace of mind knowing we had back up outfits for the incident. I also felt really good knowing I could make my little guy a little warmer so he wasn’t freezing and people in the park would label me as a bad mom.

It was very important our diaper bag be packed perfectly and store all the vital items we needed to have a good, easy, clean day. Our family goes gangbusters in Disneyland and we don’t ever go back to our hotel room throughout the day, so I needed everything H would need inside of that diaper bag. Its also important to note that you should go through your bag each night before you go to bed to restock things, change different items out, etc.

What to Pack in Your Diaper Bag for Disneyland:

  • As I’ve already stated, diapers. Lots of them. If you do run out you can go buy some in the mothers area, but it just seems a whole lot easier to have more than enough so you don’t have to take time out of your day to go purchase more
  • Wet Wipes. I used one of those refillable Huggies soft cases and each night before we’d go to bed I’d make sure it was full with plenty wipes for our next day.
  • Portable changing pad and puppy training pads. For quick and easy diaper changes. I actually rarely used this technique though. I found it much easier to just change H while he lay in his stroller.
  • 3-4 ziplock bags. I kept these in the bottom of my diaper bag to put dirty clothes AKA blowout clothes
  • Backup Binky. I have a binky baby and its pretty bad when he doesn’t have one, so I was sure to have a backup should we need it
  • Baby-Safe Sunscreen. Duh. Don’t burn your baby.
  • Baby Lotion. Baby can use it, so can you. Win, win.
  • Chapstick. For the adults because chapped lips happen, people.
  • Babies extra clothing/layers/warmth
  • An extra shirt for mom and dad — sometimes blowouts are that epic
  • Baby Powder and whatever form of bum cream you use. One time when we were waiting for the park to open another mom approached me and asked if I had any cream she could use for her baby. I felt so excited that I could help her with this and felt all mom power!/moms stick together.
  • A couple toys. I brought a few rings and connected an easy-to-grab ball and a Mickey Mouse teething ring and connected them all together and hooked them to his stroller so H couldn’t toss them over the side
  • Blanket. I used a blanket on H in the morning and evening, he also naps much better when he has a blanket.
  • Nursing Cover. I used my Covered Goods nursing cover and it was so perfect. Its lightweight and breathable and circles the entire torso during feedings. This is a golden product.
  • Wallet. Another obvious item.
  • Snacks. Sometimes snacks can be a lifesaver in the park, you definitely need some easily accessible
  • Portable Charger. Because you’re going to drain your battery taking 1,000,000+ pictures and videos of your little one believe me

Doing this works awesome for us. I know on our next trip I’m definitely sticking to this same packing list. What do YOU bring in your Disney bag?



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