Wild Man

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sweet, big hearted, optimistic, charming best friend! I like to think I celebrate this guy all year long, but I really love that there is a day in the year where everyone can celebrate what a stud he is. Anyone who knows Wild Man knows what a joy he is to be around and what joy he can bring around. I feel so, so blessed to be his wife and know that we are together forever! He is an amazing husband, incredible father and an all around phenomenal human being. He has a knack for bringing smiles to peoples faces, he is so friendly and inviting and is such a great listener and genuinely cares for those around him. He loves the Gospel, honors his Priesthood and tries every day to be Christlike. He is a softy, a goofball and is still a child at heart. One of my favorite things about him is that he loves Disney!! (so naturally i’m all heart-eyed) He is the best of the best and I hope today he has the BEST day ever because no one deserves it more than he does. I love the birthday boy!




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