Happy Fathers Day

Can I just tell you how cool I think it is that there is a day in the year to celebrate our fathers and father figures in our lives? This day is so exciting to me.

I grew up practically worshiping my dad. He is awesome. Everyone who knows my dad adores him. There is no one sweeter, more friendly, more teddy-bear like or more accepting than him. He is phenomenal. I am inspired by his humility, the endless service he gives, what a spiritual giant he is, the great big love he has for his wife, daughters, son-in-law and grandson and for his brains (he’s a genius). It has been especially great watching my dad turn into H’s Pops. He loves his grandbaby and I love seeing the two of them light up when they see each other. I love love love my dad.


I’ve had my father in law for nearly four years now and I really lucked out with him. My father in law and I were able to know each other very well before I really even got to know my husband. He was my Singles Ward Bishop and was always such an inclusive, friendly man I admired from the moment I met him. He is insanely sweet, works so hard, literally includes everyone and then some and has a heart of gold. He is very service oriented and has taught his own sons to be the same way – something I particularly appreciate. He is a great father and an even more amazing Papa to his many grandkids. He has a special love for them and very obviously cherishes them.


For the fist time in his life my husband is a father! How cool is that? There has been nothing more amazing then watching the man I love so very much become a father. When I told him I was pregnant he told me he was very nervous but even more excited. I feel like he carried on this same attitude during my whole pregnancy. As we got closer to our sons arrival he explained to me that he was nervous about being a dad. He was worried about holding him right, teaching him ‘correctly’ and being the father our child deserves. Then our little H came into the world and Wild Man effortlessly became his dad. He is a pro and the love he has for our baby is incredible. If I think about it too long I actually start getting emotional because its so special and important to me that our little family we are growing be best friends. Wild Man does all things with his family in mind – especially his son. I am inspired by that and feel so very blessed because of it. I knew he’d be the best father, but he has exceeded my expectations so greatly.


Happy Fathers Day to all the dads and dad-figures everywhere!! May your day be full of love and happiness!!



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