Magical Monday: Don’t Miss It!


Are you going to Disneyland soon? Good. Listen up – this post is for you.

At Disneyland, there is a railroad that circles the park. Walt Disney loved trains so its very fitting, and was very important to him that there be trains in his park. Currently the trains are not running because Star Wars Land is being built and they are moving the train track among other things. So the two trains are sitting at two of the stations. You can find the Lilly Belle at the Main Street Station and the C.K. Holliday at the New Orleans Station. If you are in the park you HAVE to go see these. You can go inside the engine, talk to conductors, go on the other side of the track (no Disney guests have been on that side for a looooooooong time), you can toot the horn, read about the train, etc. Its a must see. I’m serious. Please go. Please take lots of pictures. Please love it.




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