The Motherhood Project: Katie

“These babies rely on me for everything, and it is both humbling and incredible that I am trusted to take on this job!!”

Name: Katie | Child/Children’s Names/ages: Sam, 2 years and Sophie, 5 months 🙂

Katie Did What

Did you enjoy your pregnancy?: I LOVED my first pregnancy! It was absolutely perfect (I know, I hate myself too ha!). My second one was not as good, though. I had morning sickness the first three months (and had none with my first!) and there were a lot of unknowns that made it a very stressful time. Thank God, everything turned out beautifully in the end, and I have a perfect little girl that made all of that worth it!

How was your delivery experience?: Delivery was crazy and hard and painful and beautiful and the most amazing experience in the world, all at once. I shared both of my birth stories on my blog! You can read them here and here.

What’s your biggest struggle when it comes to being a mom?: Definitely balancing everything. Some days, I do it fairly gracefully, and other days I’m just a hot mess. I think all moms can relate to that!

What’s your biggest strength when it comes to being a mom?: I love my babies with everything that I have.

What is your parenting style?: Hmm not sure! Don’t think I could pick just one “style.”

What is your favorite part of the day with your child/children?: In the morning, when they’re all snuggly and we just cuddle up and wake up together. Best part of the day. 🙂

Who is an inspiration to you when it comes to motherhood?: My own mom. She was my best friend and I often refer to things she’s told me when I’m parenting my own babies!

Advice for fellow mothers who need a little boost?: You’ve got this and you are NOT alone! We all have hard days, this journey of motherhood is NOT easy, but it is so rewarding and the good days outweigh the bad!

Where is your favorite place to shop for yourself? Favorite place to shop for your child/children?: For myself, I love Nordstrom, Shopbop and Target (duh) because they literally have everything you could want. For my babies, I love H&M, Gap, Old Navy and all of the adorable shops on Instagram and Etsy that I find! I love supporting small businesses and fellow #mombosses. 🙂

What’s one product for yourself you can’t live without? Favorite product for your child/children?: I can’t live without COFFEE. Does that count as a product? 😉 For my kids, I am obsessed with the Dock-A-Tot (seriously I’m convinced it’s the reason my baby sleeps so well!), swaddles, white noise, the mamaroo, Solly Baby wrap and… a stroller! All necessary!

How has being a mom changed your life?: Being a mom has changed my life in so many ways, but the number one thing is that it has made me learn to be selfless. These babies rely on me for everything, and it is both humbling and incredible that I am trusted to take on this job!! I’ve learned so much already in these two short years of motherhood, and know I have so much more that I will learn, thanks to these sweet little people whom I get to call my own!

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