Tummy Drama

My little Captain has had a rough go since starting solid foods. Everything was smooth sailing and easy going when he was living solely on breast milk then we introduced baby food and its been a roller coaster ever since. One day all baby food and baby treats are treating him well and sitting just fine, then the next day boom, everything that isn’t breast milk wreaks havoc on his poor tummy. I hate that I can’t fix it and can’t figure out what exactly the problem is. Especially today after he has had yucky diaper after yucky diaper after yucky diaper I am feeling awful that I don’t have super powers that can take away whatever little stomach bug he has. The only good thing about all of this is that I am getting lots of awesome snuggles. But I still feel mom guilt.

Oh sweet babies. Tugging our heart strings, keeping us on our toes and consuming our every thought.


Feel free to send H good vibes – we’d both appreciate it!



One thought on “Tummy Drama

  1. The ebb and flow of the transition from breast milk to solids is a practice in patience! When I finally realized that so many other things can lead to feeding challenges, especially teething, things go a little easier to bear. Hoping this weekend is a good one for your family 🙂

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