Magical Monday: Take a Seat


Its a well known fact, sometimes you’ve just got to sit for a minute while adventuring through Disneyland. There is a lot of time spent on your feet and sometimes you just need a break! Last night my family and I were talking about our favorite places to sit. That is what inspired todays post. Sitting. Haha. But really, I feel like its important to take a breather every once in a while. It’ll do your body good.

My Top 5 Favorite Places to Sit in Disneyland and California Adventure:

5: The exit of Tower of Terror in California Adventure. It is a nice, shaded area and its so fun to watch people as they come off of the ride with the incredible high that Tower of Terror brings. Also, its a great place to nurse in private – or as private as you can get in DCA. During our latest trip there my parents sat there with H while Wild Man, my sisters and I rode ToT and Princess Sofia came out of the back (which is right next to this nice spot) and gave H some personal attention. I love that.

4: Hungry Bear Restaurant in Disneyland. This is a cute little place to eat over in Critter Country. My favorite spot to sit here (with delicious food in hand, of course) is on the bottom floor right beside the water called Rivers of America. You get to watch the Mark Twain float by and wave at the people aboard. There are also the canoes that pass that are always entertaining. Then there are the cute Disneyland ducks in the water which are always a hit with my family.

3: Stage Door Cafe in Disneyland. We always get corn dogs and french fries at Stage Door Cafe (in Frontierland) and we enjoy sitting in the area around it. Its shaded, there is great people watching and if you’re lucky you can snag a seat in this cute little area that looks like a front porch that we always try to get.

2: Jolly Holiday in Disneyland. This is at the end of Main Street and I’ve talked about my love for this place before on the blog. So it shouldn’t be a surprise this made my #2. More shade, yummy food, a great view over Main Street. You can’t beat it.

1: The Hub. This is the circle in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle. It is the ultimate people-watching spot. There is shade depending on where you sit, a beautiful view of the castle and a great view down Main Street USA. Its a magical location.

Honorable Mention: Flo’s V8 Cafe in Cars Land in California Adventure. We always sit around the side of this restaurant. Its one of our staple sit and relax places. Its very, very shaded and actually quite private – there aren’t typically many people back there. You have a fun view of Radiator Springs Racers zipping by and there are several delicious food options right around you.


Where is your favorite place to take a sit in the park?



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